You can feel good about using these non toxic hair products


About to fix my messy mop head a few weeks ago, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an all natural hair serum available, without silicones or drying ingredients?”

And yes, I do have these thoughts about beauty products. All day long actually.

Like magic, that same day I discovered Agape & Zoe. This small company makes all natural perfumes and two hair serums, one of Lavender Orange and the other,  Cucumber Mint. The serum has nothing in it that is chemically derived. It smoothes the frizzies  out of my hair and makes it easier to blow dry without using  heat styling tools. The scent is wonderful as well. Two thumbs up!

Find out more about Agape & Zoe here! Their perfumes look amazing too. I am all for natural products and small companies!

Sweet Grass Farm Body Lotion in Sweet Mint smells so good, you will want to keep it close for multiple applications during the day. It melts into your skin and leaves a subtle mint scent on the skin.

If thats not enough to entice you, Sweet Grass Farm blended natural ingredients to come up with this lotion. There is coconut oil and shea butter, green tea extract and vitamins A, E and D in here!

I took a peek at the other products this company offers and now want to order a bunch of their handcrafted soaps. Forget sodium lauryl sulfates and other nasty chemicals, these are so pure, even a baby could use them safely! Its worth your while to check out the Sweet Grass Farm website! I want one of everything!

When I think of hemp, I think of two things: hippies and rough hewn clothes. I don’t think of cuticle oil. But this product by Perlier, an Italian company, works wonders on my dry cuticle beds!Why hemp? Here’s the official 411 from the company’s site,

“Hemp Seed extract, known for its moisturizing and restorative properties, and essential Oil of Rosemary, is ideal for hydrating and softening the area around your nails.”

The product is applied with a roller ball and is quick to swipe over every nail. It smells clean and fresh, like rosemary. With the upcoming winter months, this cuticle oil is a must have!

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