Non-Frizz Beachy Hair Look, Here’s How

woman with beachy-hair



I have used and loved the Frizz Ender kit and enjoy having smoother hair. Using the shampoo and leave-in treatment helps keep my hair silky without that annoying frizz that makes me so frustrated especially during the summer when its hot and humid.


If you want to get more of a beachy wavy look after using the Frizz Ender Treatment, here are some steps to take:

Wash hair with the Smoothing Shampoo and add Leave-In Treatment

Lightly towel dry your hair.

Add a diffuser attachment to blow dryer.

Put the dryer on cool /cold.

Flip hair over and gently scrunch with your fingers, section by section.

Flip hair back over and spray a little shine product, smooth with your fingers.


I like to add a little texturing spray like this from Rene Furterer:

Or this Kenra Platinum Texturizing Mist:


Finally, break up pieces with fingers and give it a little scrunch, then apply a light hairspray. My very favorite hairspray in the whole world is this one from Josh Rosebrook which holds hair while leaving it soft.





I love a beachy, wavy look for summer!




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