Stock up on Hair Ties and Brushes with Goody


Have you ever had anyone ask you, “Hey can I borrow a hair tie?” If you have, and you’ve “loaned” a hair tie to a friend, you know you will NEVER see that hair tie again. I’ve lost many this way. I used to keep a bunch in my little makeup bag for myself but felt bad if someone needed an elastic and I’d always hand them out until I realized I was missing about twenty of them! Never to be seen again!
I can go back to restocking my bag because Goody has some good ones that come in a big bunch! They are perfect; they hold hair in a ponytail, don’t yank your hair out when you remove them and don’t slip. I wear my hair in a ponytail nearly every day, I cannot stand to have hair in my face and whenever I get home from being out, I immediately do two things. 1. put my hair in a ponytail and 2. change into comfy pants.
The brushes are equally awesome, the comfort gel handle feels good in the hand, I really like the above brush for combing through wet hair.  I use it daily after I wash my hair, it runs through wet tangled hair without yanking it or pulling. The vent brush is perfect for soothing my wavy, frizzy hair. I use a medium heat, a good hair serum, and blow my hair dry with the round brush above.
You can find Goody hair products everywhere from online stores to Target, CVS, Walgreens etc. And they are priced affordably.

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