Hair Care: BioLustre and Ken Paves


Every hip girl needs a  hairdresser in her arsenal of best friends! For Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria, its hair stylist Ken Paves.  We might not be able to hang with Ken or have him clip out hair into pefectly feathered bangs but we can use his products and for me, that  has to be good enough. I tested the shampoo, conditioner and serum and was pleased with the products.

The Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner offer everything I want in my hair care- it smelled nice, lathered and rinsed well. The products contain ingredients like Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium & Aloe Vera. My hair felt soft and smelled so good after using these. The serum worked like a charm, I only used a small amount on the ends of my wet hair and my perpetually dry and frizzy ends were tamed and smooth!

I’d love to try more of Ken’s products, he has hair products plus heat styling tools, skincare and much more. Check it out here. And if you find yourself in Los Angeles, you need to, at the very least, drive by his salon. It looks gorgeous, a small and pretty cottage in the midst of the hustle and bustle of LA.


BioLustre is a whole system you can use to revive out-of-shape hair.  It takes time to go through the whole process.  There are steps to follow, steps that include washing and drying hair, then apply the product, dry the hair, rinse and wash. It doesn’t work as well if you don’t follow the exact steps. I tried to take a short cut and not fully dry my hair or wash it again and it didn’t come out as impressive as when I followed all the steps exactly.

BioLustre’s shampoo and conditioner work great on their own but the whole idea is to use the products together in order to bring damaged hair back to good health. If your hair is permed, color treated, if you heat style your hair or notice breakage, then BioLustre can actually change the condition of your hair. Behold, there is help!

Here’s what BioLustre says on their website-  “the polymer formula is
heat activated so that it bonds to your hair (not just coats it) and changes the molecular structure, bringing it back to a virgin state AND IT DOESN’T WASH OUT. After you have clarified and dried the hair, Biolustré penetrates the hair shaft and binds synthetic polymers into the hair which are molecularly simular to hair. The result is perfect virgin hair.”

Since it doesn’t wash out like a conditioner or hot oil treatment, your hair will be in beautiful condition for a while. I plan on using my BioLustre kit before a big event or a vacation. My poor hair needs all the help it can get!

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