Get This Cute Look- Chloe Bridges from Camp Rock 2


camp-rock-2-the-final-jam-new-york-premiere-arrivalsDid you see Camp Rock 2? If you answered yes then clearly you have a child and you’re probably familiar with the Jonas Brothers who were also in the movie. And maybe you’ve been singing, WON’T BACK DOWN! all week like me.

If you answered no, then you were probably spending your Friday night doing something adult-like and fun like sipping cocktails at a club and having adult conversation. But I was watching Camp Rock 2 starring this pretty girl, Chloe Bridges.

 She’s one of the stars of the Disney channel movie and she reminds me of a young Angelina Jolie.

Here is how to get Chloe’s loose waves using one of my fave brands, Rene Furterer

“Chloe’s look was created by A-list stylist Joshua-Myles Ristaino of Exclusive Artists Management. “Between all the heat styling her hair is exposed to during film and photo shoots, and living in hot and humid Louisiana, Chloe has some dryness at the ends, “ says Joshua-Myles. “But with the right styling products I gave Chloe a sexy, bouncy blow-out and tousled curls reminiscent of Raquel Welch in the late 60s.”

 Here’s how Joshua-Myles transformed Chloe’s thick, slightly coarse tresses into silky, red carpet-ready waves.

 * To prep hair for styling, I started with René Furterer Acanthe curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Before blow-drying, I applied René Furterer No-Rinse After-Sun Moisturizing Spray, concentrating on the ends, and René Furterer Volumea volumizing foam.

 * For blow-drying, I used a medium ceramic round brush to create high tension from the roots to a quarter of the way down the hair shaft. To give ends a smooth finish and to get a head start on the curl, ends were wrapped around the brush and blasted with high heat.

 * After the blow-out, I alternated between using a 1-inch and 1 and a half-inch curling iron to curl Chloe’s hair in the equivalent of a finger wave set. Alternating the two curling iron sizes achieves a more natural, “beachy” look.

 * After curling all sections, I sprayed hair with René Furterer new Glossing Spray and lightly tousled the hair with my hands to loosen up the curls.

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