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I get asked the same questions over and over again regarding skin care and sometimes I have no answer off the top of my head. Even researching a certain topic yeilds no satisfying result. And when this happens,  I always turn to Dr. Jeannette Graf. She offers up her  opinion which is the one I trust. Here’s a little Q & A with the well known dermatologist.

My friends and I wonder about the fact that our mothers have beautiful skin in their fifties despite not getting peels or using retinols or fancy skin care products. Basically, a bar of Dove and a little Oil of Olay and my mother has perfect skin.

 How much is too much when we are trying to take care of our skin?

· Yes, our mothers did less and had beautiful skin. They didn’t have the overwhelming numbers of specialty products that we do and they don’t over-do, over peel, over exfoilate skin, etc.

 Are we actually damaging skin by getting frequent peels or exfoliating too much?

· We can be – exfoliation should be gentle and we often scrub too hard and use chemicals which are too harsh.

 Another popular topic is Botox vs. Juvaderm vs. Dysport. What is a good age to start with gentle injections and what, if any, are the side effects? What is the best way to treat “crow’s feet”?

· A good age to start is when you notice that lines are present while at rest – than Botox can be started. Botox is the best way to treat crows feet. Juvederm is a filler and therefore used to fill lines in the lower face such as nasolabial folds and lips as they lose volume.

 untitled-242x300-4780015What is better to use, natural products i.e. olive and sweet almond oil for skin, versus synthetic ingredients?  

· I like naturals for skin.

 Head over to Dr. Jeannette Graf’s website for more information on skin care.

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