Feet- Treat them well!

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No, this isn’t some weird fetishy post about feet. It’s about taking care of those things that get you from place to place. I cannot stand when people wear sandals and their toes are all gnarly and skin on the heels is peeling and dry. There’s no excuse. We all have two minutes after a shower to apply lotion, it doesn’t take long.

If you are into organic products which I happen to love, you must get your hands on Sabon’s Organic Foot Cream. Contains organic shea butter plus witch hazel which is a rockstar ingredient. Smooths plus softens skin. Whatever is left can be applied to your hands and legs. Skin can never be too hydrated or moisturized.

And take a peek at all the beautiful items Sabon offers. I found many luxurious products including skin care and beauty products on the site.

Wouldn’t you love to have legs like this? These are my legs. But these are the FitFlops I have! And they are so comfortable. I wore mine all day for hours when I was walking around San Diego recently. Hours and hours on my feet and my back was fine, my feet didn’t feel all blistery. And what’s more, I was getting a workout as I wore my FitFlops. My thighs were firmer, buttocks tighter and I stood taller….okay not yet but with consistent use, I know this will happen! Thanks to the creator of these flips, Marcia Kilgore (from Bliss), these multi-tasking shoes have helped with “… relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, chronic back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, from lower limb oedema, neuropathy, scoliosis and RLS (among other conditions).” So if it isn’t enough that the flip flops are cushiony and engineered to help legs stay in shape, they aid in the remedy of many ailments! You can wear them with anything and they come in different styles and colors so don’t worry about not finding a shade to match your clothes. Before I owned a pair, I used to stop people on the street who wore the FitFlops and ask how they were- as great as they hype surrounding them? And the answer I got every time was a hearty “YES! I LOVE THEM!” Find out more, order a pair, or see more photos click right here.

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