Emmy Night Fashion


Here is the big fashion recap from Emmy night! I asked my pal Beth Bender of Beauty Style Watch to chime in and add her thoughts. Keep reading!


Eva Longoria Parker gives us  no big surprises here, she’s always dressed in flattering gowns that accentuate her tiny waist. Ive seen this look before on her but thats okay because its a good look. I’ll give her two thumbs up for a lovely dress and accessories.


I love Claire Danes hair and dress. Please tell me she’s wearing some kind of sparkling diamond earring…to not wear any jewelry at all would be criminal. A cocktail ring or tasteful diamonds would have been perfection. You can’t just wear a gown, does she not watch The Rachel Zoe Project? With that being said, Claire’s dress was my fave of the whole night. I’d wear it (with an accessory).

Beth says: Claire Danes looked just beautiful! Her dress was fabulous and the color looked gorgeous against her skin tone. I actually liked the fact that she had no accessories on and think it was a smart move since her gown was so stunning and has lots of bling. Her skin looked flawless, and I loved the tight chocolate brown eyeliner around her eyes which made the color pop even more.


Tina Fey and Mariska Hargitay look lovely. Im in love with the pale blush shade of Mariska’s dress and Tina often wears black but it looks good on her. Glad to see Tina’s hair pulled back and showing off cool earrings. Love both of these girls. (as a writer I’m kind of in awe of Tina)

Beth says: Mariska Hargitay looked fabulous! I loved her hair and makeup, and those eyebrows were outstanding! Her earrings were perfect for the gown she was wearing and her skin looked dewy, and I loved her soft peach cheeks and nude lip.

Tina Fey, not so good. I just love Tina but her dress did not work for me at all. Uggggh! I hated the pattern and thought it was not flattering for her shape.  A few hair extensions and some sexy waves would have been much nicer. Maybe even a few false lashes to open up her eyes. I mean come on people, this is one of the few times you get to play dress up. So have some fun!


Kim Kardashian, or as Joel McHale on The Soup calls her, Kardassian.  What can we say about Kim? She looks like she was drawn in the Disney animation studio and has come to life as a real live Princess Jasmine! I like the dress and the cuff, her is done appropriately for the gown. I’m not bowled over but she does look good.

Beth says: Kim Kardashian…hmmmm....not really sure why she got an invite, and did you notice her mom Chris trying to get a few props on the carpet. I didn’t care for her dress at all. I thought it looked like she was going to a toga party instead of a Hollywood Awards event.

I did like her makeup which was actually very soft compared to the very heavy makeup she is usually seen wearing.


Think of how great Kyra Sedgewick’s dress would look with a slim bejeweled belt, hmmm?  It just needs a POP of something at the waist, do you agree?  I get the hair, all loose and curly but maybe it would have been nice in one of those messy buns. Slim belt, messy bun. I love the color of the dress though.


Let me take a moment to say YAY! JANE LYNCH WON! She makes me laugh out loud on Glee and I can only imagine the fun the writers have coming up with her one line zingers. Im really into the dark purple shade which looks good on almost everyone. Lea Michele’s dress wasn’t my fave, with all those fussy ruffles! I do however, like her necklace and makeup.

Beth says: I loved Lea Michele’s makeup and hair but was on the fence about her gown. It was a little too grown up for my taste, and seemed to swallow her up. I think a different color and not so much fabric would have definitely made a huge difference.

The first thing I noticed was her cat eyes of course and I loved them. Her makeup was beautiful and red carpet appropriate. Her skin looked luminous and her hair looked gorgeous with soft cascading waves that framed her face.


Heidi Klum would like you to know that a mother of four in her late 30’s can still rock a micro mini dress, just don’t try this at home. A little self-indulgent, as Simon Cowell would say, to wear a short dress to the Emmys, I think. Its not the MTV Awards! If that dress came to her knees, I’d be fine with it.


Nina Dobrov is a goddess here! I love the hair, makeup, earrings, one shoulder, the gathering at the waist, the length, the color, everything.


Angela Kinsey from one of my favorite shows The Office. I like her hair and makeup, love the black simple dress. Note the sparkly earrings and single bracelet. Not too much, just enough.


Everyone’s favorite 88 year old, Betty White. She looks like a delicious scoop of Baskin Robbins sherbet in this pastel two piece.


Jayma Mays in that popular navy shade. I like it. I think she is just adorable! The dress fits like a glove, her hair is amazing and the gold accessories highlight the gold in her hair. Well done Jayma!


Head to toe gorgeous! Sofia Vergara (am I the only one who remembers her and Tom Cruise dating for a quick minute several years ago?) looks perfect. Hair, awesome! Makeup, stunning! Accessories, perfect!


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