I love a good awards show and I’m just about to go watch it since I recorded it  last night. But first I wanted to do a little fashion review.

I can only imagine how stressful it is to have to decide upon a dress, find the appropriate accessories, comfortable shoes, hire someone to do hair and makeup, get yourself out the door on time, then walk a very long red carpet in 90* heat.  To know your photo will be scrutinized, your ensemble picked apart…that’s tough.

Everyone looked  beautiful, all these ladies are so pretty. But I liked some dresses better than others. And if I had to choose ONE favorite look of the night, I’d have to pick January Jones. I can’t wait to watch the E! Fashion Review tonight and see how my thoughts compare to those on the show. For now, enjoy the Hello Dollface Emmy Fashion Wrap!


VaVaVoom Blake Lively…I like the dress although that deep V neck would have me running for a scarf or some safety pins. I like her nude colored shoes, thanks for not wearing matching red pumps!

I’m really on the fence about her coif. I think she has such beautiful hair, I hate to see it pulled back in that tight braid. I want to see a soft bun with loose tendrils.

Kathy Griffin’shair is Dallas/Dynasty big! I like the dress, it fits her well. And the top portion looks comfortable, like she can still breathe which is important. Hmmm, maybe instead of mermaiding the dress out towards the bottom, it would have been nice to be a column all the way down. 

Sandra Oh scores points with the soft wavy hair, form fitting dress. I love the red shoes but I think her belt looks like curtain ties.

If working out like Madonna is going to give me arms like Holly Hunter’s, I think I’ll have to pass. Great dress, I like her hair and accessories.

Jenna Fischer looks beautiful in her strapless gown. I can only imagine how hot it was on the red carpet yesterday so the less fabric, the better! I wonder if my friend Brett Freedman did her makeup, he frequently works with Jenna. If so..good job!

Looking very lady-like and elegant,  Tina Fey doesn’t risk being a Fashion Don’t. Black is always appropriate- you can’t go wrong when you wear a simple black gown. I really like the top of the dress, how its draped and cut. Nice accessories too.

Padma is a lovely woman, really beautiful, but the dress reminds me  of an organ transplant gone wrong.

Olivia Wildein Marchesa ‘10. A little figure skatery on top but overall, a pretty dress. She’s so gorgeous.

You can buy  yards of tulle on the cheap at Wal-Mart, artfully drape it around your body and secure with a belt. However, I’m certain Mila Kunis’sdress is a little more involved than tulle from a discount chain store. She is gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing. And yay for her, taking a bit of a risk. Maybe a strappy shoe would have worked well.

I think she’s one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood.

I’ve loved Kyra Sedgewick since she starred in “Singles“. I like the dress but I wonder about the color. In the picture here, it reads more mauve and I wonder if it was more pink in real life? The hair is very awards show appropriate and she makes no bones about how much she exercises to keep herself in such great shape.

I want to call her Kara DiLaGuardia, I can’t even pronounce her last name let alone spell it.

I love the dress. I like to be covered up and not bare a lot of skin so this dress appeals to me. I hate to be cold and like my arms covered along with my  barely there cleavage! Very Grecian Goddess, although she’s Italian. Perfect accessories, hair, everything works nicely. This is the style of dress that would have worked well on Jessica Lange (see below).

I like to see color on the red carpet, I especially love a dark brunette in royal blue. Julia Louis Dreyfuslooks comfortable, chic, and lovely in her dress. A  nice piece of jewerly around her wrist would have completed the look!

I want to love this dress but the extra fabric over the shoulders looks like wadded up Hanes cotton tee shirts, twisted and tied to the dress. Leighton Meester scores points (from me, so it doesn’t really count) with the red lipstick, red purse and gold accessories.

Jessica Langelooks like Jack Nicholson here. I don’t know how I feel about exposed arms when you get to a certain age. I fear she’s messed with her face a little too much and now she’s perpetually scowling. Awww…I do like the green.

PS I like Tracey Pollan’s dress in the background.

Does Jon Hamm ever look anything but dapper? Seriously! He probably wakes up in the morning looking freshly shaven with that  hair combed  like strips of black licorice. Not that I’ve given it much thought…

Do we have to talk about his cute wife? If we must- I like the color of her dress.

I’m glad Jeff Probst won for best host. I’ve been a fan of his ever since I saw those nude photos  Survivor started 20 seasons ago! When my son was just a newborn, I remember watching Richard Hatch plot and scheme..so long ago.

I love seeing color on the red carpet! Ginnifer Goodwin in this purple is so pretty!

If we are getting picky, the hip area could be a smidge more snug. And I’m not a fan of matching the shoes to the color of the gown, it reminds me of the prom where everyone dyed their pumps to match the dress. I’d  like a black,  metallic, or maybe even a beaded shoe.


I hear purple was the color of the night to signify support of gay marriage. Whether that’s why girls showed up in purple or not, I don’t know but I’m thrilled when I see various pops of color.  Black is always a winner and works on everyone but I prefer a sea of blues and purples and reds.

This dress on Lindsay Price is different and I like that.  I’m really into the one arm, asymmetrical cut for some reason. The little sparkly detail above the ruffle, the whole thing just works for me. Although if I were wearing the dress, I’d be  nervous that someone would step on the train.

Two thumbs  up for January Jones art deco inspired dress. From the hair to the shoes, everything gets an A+ from me. Plus, the girl is gorgeous! I like how the shoes go so well with the detail of the dress. The bodice is amazing, fits her like the proverbial glove!

YAY, I’m glad Toni Collettewon. I think she’s a very talented actress! I looooove the pink shade of the dress, her lightly tanned skin and hair color all work together with that soft makeup. I like it all.

I always think Christina Hendricks looks like the bow of a ship. I like everything but the black lace layers down the back- is that a little ode to the vampire trend?

From the front, she’s as demure as one can possibly be with a chest of that size. Her beautiful pale skin and red hair are a nice contrast to the dark color of the dress. I just want to cut off those ruffles.

Something about the bottom portion of the dress reminds me of a bathrobe. I’m so glad Drew Barrymore tucked those dyed black ends of her hair up into a bun!  Maybe after Whip It premieres, she’ll cut them off for good!

I like the style and cut of the dress, her skin is lovely, makeup is good. I would have liked to have seen a tiny bit of a bling around her neckline, maybe a diamond necklace and matching bracelet? But all in all, a good look for Drew.

I don’t know if Rachel Zoe styled Debra Messing this year or not. Rachel and her team always take a fashion risk with Debra and most often it pays off.

This year, Debra played it safe in this red gown. She looks fabulous,  no doubt. The dress is very flattering to her body and most importantly, it appears to be comfortable! Not a fashion WOW but I’d still give her two thumbs up.

Only Heidi Klum could be 8 months pregnant and still look elegant. I like how she chose black for its slimming effects but honey, at this far along in the pregnancy, no amount of black makes a lady look slender. She looks beautiful though!

At eight months pregnant, all I wanted was a comfy dress and flip flops. Kudos to Heidi for even showing up and walking the red carpet. Hopefully underneath the gown is a pair of  soft , sturdy shoes- for the sake of her back. If she shows up in eight weeks wearing a bikini at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show…I will cry into a box of donuts. No fair.

Here’s an example of someone dressing too old for her age- HaydenPantytears (I can never spell that last name) ages herself twenty years in this gown and makeup. I realize it must be so hard to find a dress that looks good, is comfortable and one that just feels “right”. But I’m not sure if this dress, although very pretty, was a good choice for Hayden.

She’s so young, she could get away with taking a fashion risk. I’m thinking peacock feathers, bright colors, sky high shoes, funky jewelry!  Hayden, next time give me a call.


Cat Deeleyis perfect from head to toe! Gorgeous. This is a gown that I would wear to an event like the Emmys or Oscars. (someday! fingers crossed!) The dress just  begs for diamond accessories like the bracelet and earrings she’s wearing. Well done!

A beautiful girl with out of control hair! I KNOW from firsthand experience how the heat and humidity can wreck a hairstyle. So for those of us with curly or wavy hair, like Lisa Edelstein, I get it! You just want to let the hair go its own way. I think I would have styled Lisa’s  hair with some diamond clips or something to contain those wild tresses! Maybe a bun? Lauren Conrad style braids? Something.

The eyeliner…I’m not even going to go there! Let’s end on a good note- I do like the halter style of the dress and I think she’s a naturally pretty woman.

Kate Walsh is stunning in this gown!

Her hairstyle was voted on at http://television.aol.com/SuaveStyledForASteal. She also gave a shout out to Suave while talking to Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet. The dress fits her perfectly. While its not the pop of color I like to see, I’m a fan of the soft gray and the way it drapes on her body is divine! Her makeup compliments the dress too. A+!

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