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Dreaming of Celebrity Cruises Caribbean Cruise Itinerary

It’s that time of year when I am dreaming of escaping to a luxurious cruise ship where laundry, cooking, and cleaning are a distant memory. Almost twenty years ago, my husband and I took our first cruise and he fell in love, hard! Since then, every family vacation has centered around a big ship, a buffet, and multiple ports.
He likes the fact you unpack once, don’t need to drive, and there is food available all day and most often, into the night. I like the fact that I can see several places and go off on an adventure with my camera and I don’t have to worry about the logistics. There are many times when I book my own tour and explore by myself while my husband chooses to do something completely different. Everyone gets to do what they enjoy on a cruise.

Scanning through the cruises available through Celebrity (Our favorite cruise line, we’ve been many of them!) my eye immediately fell on the Ultimate Caribbean cruise.
Let’s start with the dreamy itinerary…
Start off in Florida where you will board the Celebrity Reflection. As soon as the rooms are clean and open, you will drop off your carry on bag because you know you need the essentials for now and everything else will be delivered later. Naturally, you sit on the bed and gaze out the sliding glass door, of course, you have a balcony room!
If you are like me, then your husband urges you to get up and go to the buffet. On the way, you pass the pool where the hardcore cruisers are already in their bathing suits with cocktails in hand.
Tip: pack your bathing suit in your carry on!

Why not spend the sea day roaming around the ship, allowing a mojito or two to work its way into your system, getting you in vacation mode? Your husband books a nice dinner at one of the restaurants Qsine. You plan on wearing your new sundress, bought for this occasion. No work, no kids, no chores, time to celebrate!
The first day is at sea gives you the chance to get into full cruise mode. You’ve unpacked, empty suitcases are stowed under the bed. Maybe you decide to go to the gym, maybe you walk around the track. Whatever you decide, sea days often stretch out before you gloriously empty of any demands that real life places on you!

Sitting on the balcony, you have a novel in your hands and occasionally you look up to admire the bright blue sky, the glittering water and the squawk of a bird. Are you in heaven? Seems that way. Maybe you are the type who likes to be on the go? There are plenty of activities, don’t worry. Cruising offers something for everyone.

The knotted tension in your shoulders has begun to unravel just in time for the first port of call, Georgetown in Grand Cayman! The water here is the most beautiful shade of blue you’ve ever seen. Photos do not do it justice.
You enjoy your tour and take so many photos that you need to recharge your batteries when you get back to the room. Thank goodness you don’t have to worry about dinner because you are exhausted and a little sunburned, but in the best way!

Next stop: Cartagena, Colombia! This city is full of history and you are going to soak up the cobblestone streets, the history, and the architecture. You are so glad you decided to wear your Birkenstocks, the only shoes that can stand up to all the walking!
You wake up in Colon, Panama. You wonder why you didn’t pay more attention in school when you learned about the Panama Canal because it is fascinating! You get ready for another adventure packed day, a visit to the Gamboa Rainforest Preserve!

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica is the next stop! Is there anything better than pure coffee from Costa Rica? No there’s not. When you look around, you find it almost hard to take in what seems to be a thousand shades of green!
A sea comes at the perfect time. There are no demands on you other than you show up for dinner if you feel like it. A long nap is a must!
In Costa Maya, you explore the Mayan Ruins and your mind is blown that these structures are so old. Can you feel the whisper of the Mayan souls dancing around Cacchoben and Kohunlich?

Cozumel offers beaches and fishing but you decide to explore ancient Mayan city of Tulum. Afterward, you treat yourself to a margarita and fresh seafood.

How has this vacation gone by so quickly? Its one more sea day and then back to Florida and then back to reality.  You wonder how soon you can book your next cruise and gather up all the brochures you can fit in your carry on so you can start planning!

Note: My photos do not reflect the place of which I speak, they are from my various travels! 

*I am posting about Celebrity Cruises as an entry to a contest. I have been on many cruises and Celebrity is a favorite!
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