Dove Girls Night Out


When Dove contacted me and asked if I would be interested in a Girls Night Out, I didn’t hesitate. “YES!” I screamed. “GET ME  OUT of the house!”

I was able to invite ten of my best girlfriends for a relaxing dinner sans kids or husbands.  I chose a wonderful Italian restaurant and sipped wine as my pals trickled in. 

What fun! 

A nice glass of Pinot Grigio, a salad with balsamic and a plate full of hot pasta that I didn’t have to cook myself, what could be better?  

We talked about the Dove deodorant and even the waitress got in on the subject.






Dove Visibly Smooth minimizes stubble.  Thanks to Dove’s “ProEpil Complex” you won’t have to shave your underarms quite as often and it also helps with nasty things like wetness and odor. We laughed about applying the product to our legs so we wouldn’t have to shave them as much. Which makes me wonder…could that work?

Dove kindly sent me a Flip video  camera to capture our evening out. I decided to record before everyone arrived since all women let out a gasp of horror when I mentioned I’d record part of the night. So…with that being said, I’ve never video-taped, edited, uploaded anything before. I’m a complete novice at this. Take a motion sickness tablet because my unsteady hand will make you queasy.

I wanted to give Dove proof that I used the camera, passed out the product and went out for a nice dinner.  As you will see, there are no crayons or children’s menus in sight which automatically makes this place a step above my usual haunts. My voice is so flat and boring that I went over it with some tunes by Fergie.

You can learn more about Dove Visibly Smooth here and grab a coupon too.

A  big huge thanks to DOVE for the Girls Night Out! And I love- and use- the Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant every single day.

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