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Ashlee and Pete with baby Bronx. He’s adorable! A juicy butterball of a baby, just how I like them!


I wish I had Gwen’s fashion courage. I won’t dare wear a see-thru anything and there she is, flaunting her royal blue bra through that  black top! Her  hair is the very definition of “pompadour” ! I have to face it, I don’t  have sartorial guts to pull off anything remotely wacky. I will however, wear hot pink lipstick. And I might be convinced to walk next to Gavin Rossdale.


Penelope Cruz  is rumored to be pregnant but in this dress….doesn’t look like it. Plus she was photographed smoking cigarettes with Salma Hayek. The only person who dares to smoke when pregnant is Betty Draper on Mad Men. And she drinks too.


I’d like to think I had Carrie’s style back in the 80’s but truthfully, I probably dressed more like Samantha. I even had Tretorns. They were ultra-comfortable. Maybe I should get a pair now. One thing I have always had is big hair. And I think its high time that large, overblown, hairsprayed hair comes back into style.


If I could wake up tomorrow and look like Blake Lively, I’d be so grateful. Did you hear the rumor that she and Ben Affleck had something going on the set of their movie? Say it aint so!


Lauren Conrad looks nice  but where is she? Its way too hot in Southern CA for a sweater and boots! I did a Lauren Conrad style braid today, FYI.


I am really lusting after thigh-high boots! In three months, I WILL HAVE THOSE BOOTS. Nevermind that I dont have anywhere to wear them. I still want them.

Victoria Beckham does not look like a mother of three. She does however, look like she needs a blotting paper.


Keri Russell with her adorable long haired baby. Who doesn’t love Keri? She’s quiet and unassuming, living her life in Brooklyn, minding her own business. Gosh, I miss Felicity. I loved that show.


I usually like Kate Hudson’s style  but the fabric of this dress reminds me of an old man’s suit. I know it’s a designer dress but still. Old man with a pipe in his mouth and a basset  hound at his feet, wearing suit fashioned from this material, complete with suede elbow patches.


Megan Fox has all the ingredients to be a super babe but there’s something not working for me. And while I want to see Jennifer’s Body because Diablo Cody wrote it, horror films are a genre I best ignore. I’m a squeamish lass when it comes to gore.


Cindy Crawford, like Kathy Ireland before her, is launching a line of home goods. Supermodels don’t retire, they just go on to make stuff. For the house.


Gorgeous! Jennifer Connelly is perfection, that dress fits her like a glove. Please tell me she’s wearing Spanx. No woman over the age of twenty three should have that perfect of a body.


 Halle Berry, pregnant or not, looks cool and cute in this summer heat. I want that bag! And I don’t know of any woman who looks as good with short hair as Halle.


 The one thing I really took notice of while watching The Wrestler, was Mickey Rourke’s long, yellow, gross nails. You can tell here that they are long. But you’re probably not looking at his nails. You’re eyeing up the shoelaces on his crotch, wondering how long it takes to  undo when he needs to use the restroom.


 Brett Michaels? Johnny Depp as a sequinned Willy Wonka? No, Britney Spears in her Circus getup. I really wanted to go to that concert by the way.


 You would totally find me dressed in this outfit. Sarah Jessica looks city street casual and I love the shoes.


Charlize Theron  is stunning! But her coif reminds me too much of Kate Gosselin’s nutty unfortunate hair. And if she  asked,  I’d tell Charlize to hem the dress by an inch or two. 


 What in Burberry- Tartan- Plaid heck was Drew Barrymore thinking when she threw this ensemble together? And I can’t help but wonder if she tied her hair into a ponytail and dipped the ends in a bowl of black ink?


Jennie Garth is super cute. Love the dress, shoes, and accessories. But let’s do something new with the hair. We  saw this look at a recent event. And you know in Hollywood, you can’t repeat a look. Fashion Citation!

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