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Hayden Pantaloons (I never spell her name right) colored her hair from beachy blonde to a dark auburn. The color is lovely and it warms up her skin tone. I’m too chicken to stray too far from my blonde. If I had the guts, I’d go for a strawberry blonde color.

Meanwhile Kelly Osbourne dyed her hair…well  it looks…is that lavender? Gray? Purple? Once my friend had a hair color crisis and asked me to help her dye it. She bought a box of color and I applied it. When we rinsed it out, her  hair was an odd color- sort of like pond scum. And my sister had me color her hair using a hair painting kit and her hair turned orange. Moral of these stories? I wasn’t the one who colored Kelly’s hair.

Lindsay Lohan used to have that gorgeous reddish hair, I loved it. She’s colored it black and I’m not a fan. The only people who can truly get away with jet black hair are those who are born with it, Dita Von Teese and Elvira. And perhaps Lily Munster. And Amy Winehouse. But that’s it!

Today I touched up my roots. Im not ashamed to tell you that I color my hair and often try to cut it, myself. I really don’t have the time to spend hours at a salon getting my hair done. This is the truth. I think its been years since my last professional manicure too. I grabbed this L’oreal Excellence to Go, straying from my  usual Clairol Perfect 10. The L’oreal hair color only takes ten minutes which I love. My roots weren’t all that bad to begin with so there wasn’t a huge difference in before and after coloring.

I liked the fact that my hair didn’t feel super dry after I applied the color and it rinsed out easily. My color was a light blonde shade. You can read more here. I recommend coloring hair at home in between salon visits. Quick and usually easy. Just take care to pick the right shade!

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