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The Best Natural and Organic Beauty Brands

When I learned about the toxins and harmful chemicals in personal care products, I was really surprised. I went down a rabbit hole of finding information about how toxic ingredients were allowed in our beauty products (and household cleaning products) and this led me to throw out bags and bags of makeup, hair care, personal care products, and body lotions.…

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Proven Skincare: Personalized Products Made For You

Recently I had the opportunity to try Proven Skincare. This company is a little different than others because they design a very personalized routine and products geared towards your very specific needs. First, you fill out a detailed questionnaire about your skin (answer questions about your age, ethnicity, skin type, air quality where you live, how much sleep you get…

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Botox and Fillers

Several years ago, I visited Laser Away in San Diego, California.  I had a really positive experience and liked the effects of the Botox in my forehead which eliminated a deep wrinkle that drives me crazy. It also gave my upper face a little lift, really only I noticed this! It was a very easy procedure: my makeup was removed,…

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