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5 Favorite Products You Can Find At The Drugstore

Over the years, I’ve talked so much about beauty products, skin care, and green beauty and I have tried thousands of products. When I learned about toxins in beauty products, I threw out everything I had. I felt like companies had fooled me by allowing parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients into their shampoos. lipglosses, hairsprays, and other personal care…

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Proven Skincare: Personalized Products Made For You

Recently I had the opportunity to try Proven Skincare. This company is a little different than others because they design a very personalized routine and products geared towards your very specific needs. First, you fill out a detailed questionnaire about your skin (answer questions about your age, ethnicity, skin type, air quality where you live, how much sleep you get…

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Botox and Fillers

Several years ago, I visited Laser Away in San Diego, California.  I had a really positive experience and liked the effects of the Botox in my forehead which eliminated a deep wrinkle that drives me crazy. It also gave my upper face a little lift, really only I noticed this! It was a very easy procedure: my makeup was removed,…

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