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What You Need Now (Beauty & Fashion) from Amazon Prime Day

I have been looking on Amazon to see what their picks are for Prime Day! Have you shopped yet? I found several things I like/want or have used up and needed to replace. My favorites are always beauty-related followed by some great fashion deals including summer dresses which are my favorites for a hot day. Take a look at my…

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The Best Natural and Organic Beauty Brands

When I learned about the toxins and harmful chemicals in personal care products, I was really surprised. I went down a rabbit hole of finding information about how toxic ingredients were allowed in our beauty products (and household cleaning products) and this led me to throw out bags and bags of makeup, hair care, personal care products, and body lotions.…

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Best Products for BIG HAIR

    I am obsessed with BIG hair and wish that the frizzy, giant, teased hair of the 1980’s would make an appearance now. My thin, frizzy locks need all the help it can get in the volume department so I’m excited to share these products with you in the event you too are looking to pump up the volume…

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