I Can’t Eat Anything!



Thanks to a few different health issues, (adrenal fatigue, chronic candida, pyroluria, high histamines, anxiety and more!) I’ve had to adapt to a new way of eating that is very restrictive.

At times, I really feel like I can’t eat anything. A simple hamburger and french fries or a glass of wine is a rare treat for me. And trust me, I crave those things all of the time!

I have been following a very strict way of eating that includes:

No nuts (high in oxalates), no gluten (makes me very sick), no white sugar (inflammatory), no soy (messes with thyroid function among other things), no yeast (candida!), low carb (candida loves carbs), low dairy.

Over at my new website, I Can’t Eat Anything, I am sharing health articles and foods that are safe to eat on a  highly restrictive diet like mine. Please head over here to check it out!

I Can’t Eat Anything


One of my main focuses is to talk about Oxalates which have been linked to many health issues but not many people are aware of these compounds which are found in very healthy foods that you are probably eating daily! I also address other health topics and foods.

Join me over there!