Best Fashion/Travel Essentials: Packing For A Trip


I have talked about my absolute MUST HAVES while traveling and now I want to share some more. Traveling is something I really enjoy- not going to the airport or flying or waiting in a long line or trying to find something gluten-free to eat, but arriving in a new place and exploring. I love nothing more than wandering around taking photos and soaking up a new atmosphere.


Olive Green Jacket




Crossbody bag



Adidas Cloudfoam Sneakers




Blue Jeans



and Black Jeans


White Tee


Adjustable Woven Hat



Plain Black Dress for fancy dinner/cruise formal night that won’t wrinkle




Jean Jacket- goes well with black jeans, black dress, wear with black pants below




Black silky jogger style pants are so great for travel! They are light, can be rolled and fit into even the smallest suitcase. These pants go well with tanks, tees, blouses. Wear with sandals or heels. Great pants to have in your travel wardrobe. SUPER comfy!

The ones here are only $12.99.



Long black cardigan works with everything from jeans and tees to a sundress. I always travel with a black and or dark blue cardigan.



Flat black sandals go with basically everything. If I am on a cruise and dress up for dinner, I wear flat sandals most of the time with a casual dress.



I also have these slides from J. Crew.  I wear them often and mix the leopard with various patterns.




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