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I love flowers, especially roses which give us not only a great fragrance but a wonderful essential oil too. And I love taking pictures of them. 


I’m so glad I decided to look into natural and organic products for the month. I think my quest will continue indefinitely  because I have discovered amazing products like this one from Beauty From Flowers. These natural oils and creams can go toe-to-toe with the top selling department store brands since they deliver results with ingredients from nature and when absorbed into the skin, will not cause  reactions or upsets.

The potion I tested is called Nourishment and it is made from organic oils and vitamins. I love it – a few drops takes care of my whole face and I use whatever is left on the tops of my hands. This serum is all natural and most likely will not irritate the most sensitive of skin.

I  massage this into my face and make sure every square inch is covered. The beauty of this product is that it goes to the cellular level to repair any damage, and by damage I mean wrinkles and discoloration. Imagine this going under your top layer of skin and feeding the crinkly, worn down layers of skin that aren’t visible to the eye. It plumps up the fine lines and improves all over skin tone. It is oily but don’t let that deter you. The oil is very light and absorbs quickly. Skin needs moisture and hydration, even the oiliest of skin like mine.

This is used after my shower when my skin is still warm and damp. I feel as though its the perfect time to apply it because my skin is ready to soak it in. Skin repair occurs at night so while I’m sleeping, this product is working.

Beauty From Flowers offers several other products, all of them sound fantastic. I love pure, natural, organic skincare like this. I’d like to learn how to make my own, maybe someday. For now I’m thrilled to use Beauty From Flowers.

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