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mask-8780754If I could only use organic products and eat only organic foods, I’d be very happy. I wish I was the kind of girl who had the ability to let her hair be totally natural and wear lovely hemp clothes and clean with vinegar and baking soda. Alas, that is not me right now, maybe someday.

But here is something I can do, use Aubrey Organics. This line offers lots of skin care, makeup, bath care and more.  I tested two products from their oily skin line and really like them. 

The Natural Herbal Seaclay with Goa Herb Oil Balancing Mask helps soak up excess oil  but doesn’t dry out skin. It draws out impurities, decreases the size of pores, aids in getting rid of black heads.

FYI, Goa herb is a natural astringent and Kaolin Clay helps with impurities. I’ve been using the mask in the mornings and can’t seem to stop. Its not thick or smelly and I can walk around the house with it on my face without anyone shrieking in horror.

Next is the Natural Herbal Facial Cleanser. I am addicted to this cleanser because it smells so good and it relaxes me in my hot shower! It contains Camphor oilswhich has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. The Eucalyptus oil is an anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial ingredient while the Menthol oil has a cooling effect on the skin  and is also an antiseptic. mask1-8979848

This thick cleanser can be applied to the face to remove makeup, dirt and oil. I spread this all over my face, let it sink in for a few minutes then remove with a warm washcloth.  My face looks healthy and clean afterwards!

For more on Aubrey Organics, please go here!

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