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Affordable all natural & clean beauty for your face and body


I’m talking about oil!  Not just any oil, I am not suggesting you cover yourself in Wesson. No, there are a few oils that are  easily absorbed and highly beneficial to both body and face. These are my faves.

I’ve been using this Sweet Almond Oil on my body after getting out of the shower. Its fantastic, imparting lots of moisture. I add a tiny bit of my Lavanila or Four Truffles  lotion  to make it scented since it really has no smell. Perfect! For those of you allergic to everything, give this a try. Its cost effective too, a giant bottle is about eight dollars.

Next is Castor Oil. I know what you’re thinking- gross! Just read on and consider this- castor oil is naturally derived from a plant and it has the ability to penetrate the layers of skin and hydrate and plump. It helps lengthen eyelashes without any side effects. It works on bruises, sores,  pimples, wrinkles too. Its a cure all for anything. Its also one of the main ingredients in many lipglosses, feel free to apply it to your lips for extra moisture! Add a few drops to shampoo to nurture your hair.

Heres a quick facial: apply all over your face, then press a warm washcloth to your face for a few minutes, when you remove, skin will look rosy and healthy. Castor Oil is less than four dollars a bottle and works just as well, or even better, than anything you can get from a fancy department store.

Last is Rose Hip Seed Oil. I have read that it’s effective for discoloration and scars but that is yet to be determined by me. It is  highly moisturizing- I particularly like this for around my eye area, its very gentle and does not have any fragrance. I have the roller ball bottle that comes from Aubrey Organics and think its wonderful for deep wrinkles. Ive been using a little of the castor oil plus this rose hip seed oil on my face and love the results.

 My “natural” month here on HelloDollface helped me discover oils that are ideal for those of us who are concerned with chemicals in products and want a more natural alternative. There are fabulous creams and lotions in the drugstores and department stores but explore using natural oils and see for yourself how going “natural” can be a very positive- and cost effective- change.

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