Hello Dollface

How it started

The blog Hello Dollface was actually started by Cindy Bokma, who wrote under the pen name “Distressed Jeans” on the Blogspot platform way back in 2006. She was totally on O.G. blogger. Cindy started the blog as a way to share her love of natural beauty products and healthy living with others.

As she continued to blog, Cindy gained a loyal following of readers who appreciated her honest and informative approach to beauty and wellness. Over time, Hello Dollface grew in popularity and Cindy was able to expand the blog to cover a wider range of topics, including fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

Cindy eventually went on to publish a few novels and a cookbook, The Anti-Inflammatory Low Oxalate Cookbook which further cemented her status as an authority on all things natural living.

Today, Hello Dollface continues to be a popular destination for those interested in skincare, clean beauty, wellness, and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Hellodollface.blogspot.com (2006)
hellodollface.blogspot.com (2006)
Kismet Dursun

How It’s Going

In early 2020, just before the pandemic shut down the world, I came across this website while searching for information about non-toxic skincare. I was intrigued by a banner on the homepage saying that the site was for sale so I messaged Cindy to express my interest.

Despite having no previous experience in buying websites or reaching out to people like this, I felt a connection to the effort and time that Cindy had put into this site (since 2006!) and also had an ever-growing interest in clean, nontoxic products. So a few weeks later, I became the owner of Hello Dollface.

Since acquiring the website in March 2020, everything in the world changed plus we lost my dad so I’ve had limited time to focus on anything. However, I’m now ready to devote more attention to hellodollface.com and plan to add new content more regularly.

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