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About me:

I am the author of  The Blondes of Bel Air, A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss, and Here If You Need Me.  I also wrote a children’s book, Victorious Girls, and pitched television shows to  Disney and Nickelodeon.

In what feels like another life, I wrote a celebrity gossip site which saw over six million views in its first year. My social media has seen a combined total of over eleven million views and when the social commerce site Polyvore was running, I had over 250,000 followers.

Many years ago I worked as a screenplay analyst for a popular Hollywood production company so I could learn about screenwriting. Often you will find me helping other writers with their work.

My book, The Low Oxalate Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook (Skyhorse Publishing) came out in the fall of 2018. Since developing health issues, I dove into learning about Oxalates, a toxin in plant foods, nuts, and seeds linked to many diseases. I write about Oxalates and health a lot on this site.

Travel, a little fashion, photography, natural skincare, holistic remedies, recipes, and health are what you will see on this site.

In my house, you will find lots of plants, a couple of kids, a few dogs and a husband. I am an introvert, and a homebody who finds peace in nature, good books, fashion, and cooking healthy food. I love to travel and take photos which you can see on my Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/cindybokma/



Not only do I write, travel, and take pictures as much as I can but I am an avid reader and blog about books on my other site, All The Good Books.