Why You Need to Make Plans To Go Glamping This Fall


First, you might be asking yourself, “What on earth is GLAMPING?” I get it. I thought it was the silliest word ever, but knowing what it is and what I am not when it comes to the outdoors, it makes perfect sense. Glamping is glamorous camping. In other words, its camping without uncomfortable sleeping bags and flimsy tents.

According to Wikipedia,

Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping. Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st-century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside the escapism and adventure recreation of camping.


If a definition is what you need, check out what Mirriam Webster says:

Definition of glamping

Outdoor camping with amenities and comforts (such as beds, electricity, and access to indoor plumbing) not usually used when camping, the eco-friendly idea of falling asleep under the stars and roasting marshmallows around a campfire appeals to you, but the reality of pitching a tent and sleeping on bumpy ground does not, glamping, the new term being used for upscale—or glamorous—camping, could be your ideal green vacation. 
Because I love being outside so much especially heading to National Parks, I really want to like the idea of camping but cannot wrap my head around the long list of discomforts that I would suffer. I am pampered and used to indoor plumbing and hot showers. Being outdoors with none of the comforts of home like running water and electricity might be okay for a few hours but not for multiple days. I like a hot shower, a comfy bed, warm blankets, lights to read by, snacks and hot drinks. The thought of making my own breakfast over a fire, and drinking watery coffee is not a happy one. My fantasies of roughing it usually involve some form of poison ivy and getting lost.

I have been reading about Glamping over this weekend and discovered there are a few ways to glamp. You can choose to stay in the following structures:



Airstream motor home

small house

fancy tent






Some of these have private toilets and showers but many have shared bathrooms just like a regular campsite. Mainly, you are in nature either in the woods or near a national park. There are also locations at the beach. You can find glamping available all over the world. I got sucked into looking at places in Europe yesterday and found myself longing to sleep in a tent in Slovenia.


We live in such a fast-paced, chaotic, stressful world, and we all need to decompress sometimes. #powerofpositivity #pop #nature #didyouknow #forestbathing


Why should you consider a glamping vacation?

It makes sense to go during the fall months when its not too hot outside or freezing cold.  The vibrant colors of fall leaves is something I really miss from back east where I grew up. Glamping in a place where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the season is ideal.

If you love a National Park as I do, you will have close access to national parks such as Grand Canyon, Moab, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountains, Mount Rushmore, and Zion National Park. Imagine waking up and being among the natural beauty of Glacier National Park?

Glamping offers all the benefits of camping but none of the hassle. Some places will provide food for you and basically, offer a concierge service. Many sites have horseback riding, nature trails, stargazing, canoeing, hiking, bird watching. Sometimes massages, outdoor hot tubs, and yoga classes are offered.

You can glamp everywhere from Palm Springs to Colorado to the Smoky Mountains and places in between. There are beach sites with glamping,


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I love being outside in nature and find that it’s very calming and soothing to hear the sounds of nature like wind through the trees and birds chirping.  Take a break from Netflix and your phone and immerse yourself in the freedom that only nature can offer.

Imagine not checking your phone every few minutes and not feeling like you have to post to social media? Can you close your eyes and imagine star gazing as the sound of a crackling fire pops and sizzles in the background? Just thinking about the wood smoke smell makes me happy!



According to this article, being in nature benefits your health:

You get much needed Vitamin D which is essential to maintain a healthy immune system.

Helps you sleep better –  “Early morning exposure to sunlight has been shown to help recalibrate sleep cycles.  A few consecutive days outside (like backpacking the Appalachian Trail!) will get the job done much faster.”

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Get some clean fresh air. Indoor air pollution is a thing and most of us suffer from it.

Grounding- “Perhaps still on the fringe of mainstream science is the practice referred to as grounding (or earthing), which results from bare skin contact on a natural surface (dirt, sand, etc.).  The theory states that because the earth is negatively charged- and has a greater negative charge than your body- we absorb earth’s electrons.”

“Spending time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans (short and long term), boosts in serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter) and shows increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability, and love (whereas urban environments do the same for fear and anxiety).”

If you are someone who enjoys hiking and walking in a forest or loves being around nature and trees, glamping is an ideal way to unplug and relax. This is topping my list of things to do this year!

Have you been on a glamping adventure?