5 Tips: How to Shop At a Thrift Store



Figure out what you are looking for.

I only shop for shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Look for items that don’t go out of style like leopard print, solid black or navy, trench coats, blazers with lining, leather jackets.


Set a budget.

For me, no more than $20 or $30.



Check out collars, cuffs, underarms for stains, discoloration. Check sweaters for pilling, snags, or loose threads. Inspect everything carefully before you buy- look inside and out for stains and rips. I skip over light colored tops because they are often faintly stained or discolored. I spend my time looking at black, blue, gray, navy blue clothes.

Whipping through the items, I know what I don’t want – anything with Disney or animated characters, no words, no faces, no sequins or anything that will fall off, no dry cleaning or hand washing unless its something really special.


Know your brands.

This is a neat resource for older brands: Vintage Fashion Guild. Try to familiarize yourself with brands sold at places like Macys, Kohls, Nordstrom, Target, Forever21 – I see these over and over again on the racks.  I don’t want to pay $10 for something from Target or WalMart when I know I can buy the same item brand new for a few dollars more or even get it on sale.

Sidenote: While shopping today, I noticed a lot of outdated clothes and styles that were popular a few years ago. Its a fine line between retro or vintage styles and clothes that will make you look like you just stepped out of 2011.


Thrift Online

I like to check out ThredUp which has a HUGE inventory of clothes and accessories, you can find some amazing deal while shopping in the comfort of your own home.  Set your sizes, preferences and search specific brands like Zara or J. Crew (or whatever you want). What I like about ThredUp is that they clearly tell you if something has wear and tear- they do not accept clothes with stains or holes so you know you are receiving an item that has passed inspection

Other online thrift shops include: 



Everything But The House I just saw a Burberry jacket on here for under $60!

Tradesy   This is a more high-end thrift store so if you want luxury designer clothes and shoes, this is where you need to look.

Asos Marketplace features very budget friendly items and a variety of retailers.



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