Atem Personal Air Purifier

Health Benefits of Air Purifiers Our homes trap odors, dust, pollen, and harmful particles that float around in our personal space. Vacuuming is not enough and has no affect on air controlling the air quality. Air purifiers are appliances designed to clean the air we breathe, tackle allergens, and reduce concentrations of pollutants and other particles that are harmful to our bodies. #RealStories #healtheo360 #AirPurifiers #CleanAir #Allergies…

I have been using the Atem Personal Air Purifier and I love it. Who doesn’t want to filter out toxins and breathe in pure air?

Look at the benefits:

Having an air purifier has immense benefits to you and everyone around you. Read more...

As you can tell, I enjoy a good infographic!


I also really enjoy my Atem Personal Air Purifier. The design is super cool and modern, it takes less than ten minutes to set up from the box (its packaged really well) and it’s so easy to use.

Plug it in and turn it on then enjoy the filtered air. I like this in my bedroom while I’m sleeping or reading. This helps with allergies, asthma, air pollution, air that is too dry and more.

The website has loads of good information. If I had babies in the house, this would be one of the products I would absolutely need to keep the inside super clean and allergy free. You know how when the sun shines a certain way, you can see dust in the air? Those little particles can cause dry eyes, sore throat, and many more aggravations.

You can find lots more information by going to the IQAir Aura website here. 

There are many products including a Whole House Air purifier and purifiers to suit your home or business needs.  This is a pretty ideal holiday gift for the eco-conscious, healthy person in your life!

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