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Buxom Lips

My favorite lip gloss of all time is BUXOM. I LOVE the glosses they offer the most perfect creamy texture plus high shine. These lip products come in a variety of pretty colors to suit all moods and skin tones.

The packaging is flirty and feminine, can you tell I’m a fan? Buxom gloss is one of the products where when I run out, I buy more. My most used shade is April!

Here’s what’s new from Buxom lips…

Full-On Lip Polish is a creamy gloss with high shine, gives lips a bit of volume and slight tingling sensation when applied.  You have one hundred (100!!) shades so there’s definitely one for everyone. Keeps lips moisturized.

Full-On Lip Cream is straight- up gloss, no shimmer or glimmer. High shine and very natural looking. Another fabulous gloss that gives lips a bit of oomph. You can use this by itself or over lipstick, it’s lovely either way. Bonus! Great hydration too.

Plumpline Lip Liner is ideal for those who want to give lips definition, it’s very soft and creamy! A built in brush helps to contour so you can get the perfect lip line. I’ve used this as a lip stick as well, its so smooth that you can use it to line lips or as a lip stick on its own.

Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick, a highly pigmented lip color is bright and bold. This comes in satin and matte varieties, I always like shine but matte is very in style right now.

Full-On Lipstick this one defines, fills and plumps lips! This product is the best of everything and is the one I reach for the most.  Very hydrating and silky smooth.

Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick is a plumping liquid lipstick that offers a matte finish. Lightweight texture and good pigment.

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