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When To Toss Your Makeup


In the past, I was terrible at throwing out makeup and skincare products, letting my bathroom grow cluttered as I took in more products but did not get rid of anything.

Hoard much? Why yes I do but only beauty products. And shoes. And clothes.

It wasn’t until I thought I was developing glaucoma thanks to cloudy eyes due to old mascara, that I starting considering the possibility that my makeup was old! I realized that I had mascara from years ago that I kept in rotation.

If you use natural, organic, clean, and/or non-toxic products, especially skincare, you will notice the smell is off and oils will give off a pungent scent alerting you that it’s rancid. Conventional products typically have lots of preservatives in them, you won’t know when a product is past its prime.


Here’s the run-down of when to toss your makeup:

Mascara: 3-6 months

Eyeshadow: 18 months

Eyeliner: Pencil can last one year, liquid lasts six months.

Foundation: Liquid lasts for about six months, powder lasts two years.

Blusher/Bronzer: Up to 2 years

Lipgloss, Lip Liner and Lipstick: 2 years but you will know if it’s gone bad by the smell and texture.

Nail Polish: 1-2 years

If you want to read more, check out this article here. Take a look at CheckFresh to see when products are expired- note they do not list organic brands. And if you want to download an app for your smart phone, try this one.

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