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by Caroline Leavitt

Ever hear the phrase “better living through science?” Well, it’s here, thanks to this innovative new company called Nootrobox. I first heard about Nootrobox in Time Magazine. The company is all about building better brains and better bodies through neurotropics, supplements which enhance what goes on in your brain so what goes on in your body is optimum.  They research, develop and manufacture their products to be effective and safe, always pushing the envelope of the latest research. Of course, I wanted to try it.

I tried the GoCubes, first, which are small, delicious (they come in three flavors) chewable cubes of coffee! I was skeptical, but within a half hour (they take a bit longer than regular coffee, at least for me), I had the clear-headed boost, that sense of happiness. Oh yes, I was hooked.

The next day, I tried Sprint, which is meant to boost you the way coffee does, but without that jittery feeling., which is probably due to the L-Theanine, which is a natural anti-anxiety. So you feel alert—and yet oh so relaxed and calm. I love Sprint.

Want increased memory, stamina and efficiency? I tried Rise, and instead of writing at my desk for 3 hours, I was there for 4 ½–and I wasn’t exhausted.

Kado-3 is super-charged Omega-3 for daily protection of brain and body. I haven’t felt effects yet, but I know how important Omega-3 is.
Finally, there is YAWN, which is AMAZING.  If you have trouble sleeping the way that I sometimes do (hello, 3 A.M.) try this. YAWN is a nootropic blend with components optimized for each of the three phases of sleep: falling asleep, improving quality of sleep, and feeling refreshed upon waking up.

I love this company and love these products. Everything is tested and/or in clinical trials. So want to be a part of the future perfect? Check out



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