Natural Pet Care



Natural Pet Care

by Maggie Marton

Natural living is important to me and my family – my family of three dogs, a foster dog, a cat, and a husband. It’s especially important to us because two of us, my dog Emmett and I, both fought (and beat!) cancer. We switched all our cleaning, healthcare, and beauty products to all-natural, and we’ve been making the same changes for our pets. So, I’m thrilled that Cindy allowed me to share some of my favorite tips for natural pet care.

Here are five simple, easy things you can do to make your pet care routine healthy and eco-friendly!

Groom your pet weekly. Once a week, give your pet a thorough brush-out. Short or long fur, your dog or cat stays cleaner longer if all the dead fur is sloughed off. While you’re at it, tackle nails and teeth. A quick nail file – with a Dremel-type drill – or a clipper keeps them under control.

Choose natural products. When you do bathe your pet, choose a natural product. My favorite brand is Organic Oscar because they have a range of options to suit any coat. Check out the Pet Wipes for a quick fix. Another option is to whip up an all-natural DIY dry shampoo for between baths.

Feed wholesome food. As important as it is for us to eat a healthy, holistic diet, it’s critical for our pets, too. For convenience, choose a commercial, organic kibble and supplement with coconut oil and a probiotic.

Gets lots of exercise. As part of a natural lifestyle, exercise is vital. Hit the sidewalk for a long walk or head to the beach for a short jog. If you’re a cat lover, grab a cat teaser and jump around the living room. Staying active will keep your waistlines in check and give you a healthy glow.

Have fun! Being happy keeps you healthy. The same goes for your pets! Get your dog outside, and play fetch in the yard. You’ll both have a blast and stay healthy – and happy! Toss some toy mice for your cat, or build a maze for your gerbil or rat. Playing together will keep you and your pet happy and healthy while building a super strong bond.

About the author: Maggie Marton is a freelance writer and pet blogger who strives to live a healthy, happy life with her big, furry brood. Find more of her work at her blog, Oh My Dog! 

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