To Me, From Me- Gifts for Valentines Day or any day!




You don’t have to wait for someone to buy you a special something just because its Valentines Day! Treat yourself whenever you need a little pick me up. You are well worth it!

Here are some of my favorites lately. These range in price but they are all green and clean! 

Province Apothecary is an amazing, beautiful, clean brand that offers handcrafted products with the best ingredients. Organic herbs and oils are lovingly mixed together to create gorgeous serums and cleansers and perfume oils.

I tried a few samples from this line and wow, mind is blown! The Clarifying Clay mask is made from a combination of clays and it not only soothes the skin but somehow  nourishes and detoxes all at the same time.  I just loved the Moisturizing Cleanser. If you have mature skin like myself (aging every second!) then you will want to stay away from harsh soaps and cleansers and use something like this. This cleanser is made with essential oils and extracts, it hydrates as well as cleanses and is also very gentle.

The Face Serum is  so powerful!  Made with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oils, it balances the skin, hydrates, soothes, moisturizes, reduces the look of fine lines, helps reduce redness…its a miracle in a bottle!

Forget the heavy perfumes and try one from Province Apothecary! These blends are subtle and clean.  They are free of: synthetic fragrances + chemicals,  parabens, phthalates, GMOs and the toxic ten. They are vegan and cruelty-free. I cannot handle how good they smell. I was very drawn to No. 14 which is a blend of Wild Ylang Ylang / Indian Cardamom / Frankincense Caterii but I have to say that I also loved No. 26, which smells so clean with a blend of Canadian Black Spruce / Frankincense Caterii / American Cedar wood.

You can find more by going to Province Apothocary here! 


If you are into the scent of rose, I suggest trying out Amala Aroma Apothecary. The Renew Rose concentrate is a very light Turkish Rose scent.  The scent of roses can help reduce stress and release tension, did you know that?

This product contains some organic ingredients and a blend of oils and extracts. I want to carry this with me all day to smell when I feel stressed or tense! Go here for more info!


Alba Botanica has long been on my radar and I’ve used products from this brand before. They are easy to find, affordable and formulated without nasty  parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. I’ve been using the Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash  in Exfoliating Lava Flow lately. This gently buffs skin and smells tropical. It contains fruit extracts and sugar cane extracts. I follow it up with a nice Rejuvenating Papaya Mango body cream. It smells delicious. This is made with eta carotene, aloe, cucumber and rosehip.


Treat yourself to the African Black Soap wash from S.O.A.P! This can be used as a face or body cleanser and if you want, a shampoo! Its unscented and made with shea butter. In the words of Dr. Oz- “African Black Soap Can Erase Up To 5 Years Off Your Face.” Sounds perfect to me! You only need a little bit to clean your whole face and I  noticed right away that my skin was super soft. I’m looking forward to taking years off my face with continued use!

I’ve tried a few things from this brand and have to also recommend the Honeysuckle Whipped Shea Body Butter which smells so incredible. Im digging out the last of it from the tub and need more right away!


I just talked about the Red Apple Lipstick brand in my post about the best hot pink lip colors. I just love the Hot Mess gloss, its got a minty essence and it lasts a long time. Its also gluten-free which is important for those of us who cannot consume gluten. I’ve tried lipsticks from this brand in the past and am totally impressed. They offer loads of gorgeous colors so be sure to take a look!

 I didn’t know they also offer eye shadow too! The same high quality that you’d expect if you’ve tried the lip colors. You can buy the colors individually then place them in a compact for your own creation. The eye shadows are mineral based, gluten free and vegan. WOW, I love this company! The eye shadows are smooth and blend well. You can find more here!

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