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midnight rose


This past week I read a really great book by Lucinda Riley called The Midnight Rose. Unfortunately it won’t be out until 2014 but you need to write it on your T0-Read list and keep it in mind! (If you haven’t joined Goodreads, do so now- its a great way to keep track of books you’ve read and those you want to read)

I was totally pulled into the story of Rebecca, an American actress filming a historical movie in England. She is staying at the Astbury manor where her movie is filming, trying to hide from the paparazzi that watches her every move. Taking refuge in the remote location, Rebecca is far removed from civilization and enjoys her quiet time at Astbury where she can mull over her impending engagement to a fellow actor. She’s in love with him but no so much his troubling addictions.

While at Astbury, Rebecca discovers a memoir written in the 1920’s and learns about a young Indian woman named Anahita, who had clear ties to the mansion. The book takes us into Anahita’s fascinating life against the backdrop of India and England during the 1920’s.  Anahita had a great love affair with Donald Astbury, but tragedy kept them apart.

Rebecca delves further into the story, haunted by the fact she looks like an ancestor of the house, Lady Violet Astbury. Is there a connection? The lord of the house, Anthony Astbury seems to think so.

Seeking answers about his grandmother is Ari, Anahita’s grandson who arrives at the manor hoping to find clues to the mystery surrounding her infant son. Told her baby had died, Anahita always felt he was alive and looked to Ari before her death, to find the truth.

The Midnight Rose is the perfect combination of history, romance, and mystery that kept  me turning pages until I finished the last chapter! Highly recommended.

**I am currently in the middle of another Lucinda Riley novel called The Lavender Garden which has me one hundred percent hooked and staying up past my bedtime to read. Its so good, I love it! Another must read. **

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