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Years and years ago I tried a Pangea Organics body oil and soap and I loved them. I was not into green beauty at that point  but I never forgot Pangea and when the opportunity came to try out some products, I leaped at the chance!

Pangea Organics creates skincare products that are made in small batches using pure, organic ingredients. The products smell amazing thanks to natural ingredients. Pangea does not use anything harsh, synthetic or tested on animals.

What I tried was gentle on the skin and did not irritate my eyes or face. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these products if you are looking for face or body care.

Let’s take a look!

Facial Cream– this contains Moroccan Argan with Willow and Rosemary. I used it on my face and hands and really liked how soft my skin felt and the light scent that lingered.

Facial Toner Argentinean Tangerine and Thyme is made for blemish prone skin. I especially like the scent of thyme. This product purifies skin and refreshes the complexion. I used this after my shower, before applying a face oil which was…

…the Balancing Oil with Himalayan Geranium and Pomegranate. I love a good face oil and this one was perfect as it is not too thick and was absorbed into the skin quickly. And do I need to tell you how amazing pomegranate is for you?

The Facial Mask contains Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Goji Berry. This mask not only detoxifies but cleanses the skin and nourishes it as well. I left it on for a good fifteen minutes  and washed it off in the shower. I love how a good mask will make skin appear radiant! Also making my skin look better is the Facial Scrub with Egyptian Geranium and Adzuki Bean and Cranberry– I could use this every day! It gently exfoliates and cleans skin prepping it for moisturizer or oil.

The Eye Cream is a standout for me. While I really liked everything I tested, the Eye Cream is one of my faves. Containing Turkish Rose and White Tea, this cream  is super gentle and fast absorbing. With continued use it will soften lines. I like that I could use it under my concealer and its not greasy at all.

A creamy cleanser is something I always look for. I like to apply it all over a damp face and use my muslin cloth to wipe off makeup and impurities. Egyptian Calendula and Blood Orange Facial Cleanser is both purifying and soothing to skin, its creamy consistency makes it perfect for a gentle cleansing routine.

I was really happy with everything I tested from Pangea Organics. The products utilize natures best ingredients and these are all gentle and soothing. Have you tried Pangea Organics? You should! Go here for more Pangea goodness! 

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