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Does the secret to beautiful skin come from Down Under?



 by Caroline Leavitt

Primal Earth Natural Active Calming Face Wash, from New Zealand  is plant-powered to gently clean your skin and leave it radiant with health.
If you have sensitive skin like I do, you know you have to be careful with anything you put on it. Soaps can dry out your skins. Oils can make it break out. I tried and loved Primal Earth Face Wash. It smells amazing, with a fresh, clean forest scent.  Beauty-boosted with Aloe Vera, Green tea, Flax Extract and Plant Glucosides, it lifts the dirt and leaves in the essential oils your skin is thirsty for.
I loved the way it glided on and my skin felt radiant. Even better, it’s never tested on animals and it has no artificial colors, Parabans or Phthalates.  It’s pure and natural–just like your skin!
Also from New Zealand, is Obiqo body wash! This contains marine extract and sea lavender sounds as delicious as it feels. Made in New Zealand, it’s enhanced with sea kelp, which is loaded with nutrients for your skin.
The natural marine  extracts are anti-aging, and the clear, crisp fragrance makes any shower or bath downright exhilarating. I loved the fragrance, but even better, I loved the luxurious feel of the body wash and the way my skin felt so pampered afterwards!
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