How To Build A Healthy Salad


If you think that a wedge salad with blue cheese dressing is eating healthy, let’s revamp your view of a healthy salad. I cringe on the inside when someone thinks iceberg lettuce, ranch dressing with bacon bits and croutons is a good idea. Or a fat laden fried tortilla filled with lettuce, cheese and greasy meat.

A healthy salad does NOT consist of the following:

anything fried, bacon, blue cheese and other heavy dressings, ham and deli meats, iceberg lettuce, anything fried, croutons, tortilla strips, loads of cheese. 

A healthy salad is built from the ground up with fresh vegetables packed with nutrients. The idea, when trying to lose weight or seriously redo how you eat, is to consume so many nutrients that you lose your taste for junk food or you are too full to eat it. 

Here’s how build a healthy and delicious salad!

Choose a dark green leafy base such as spinach, arugula, kale (can be bitter so  be sure to massage it with a drop of olive oil), romaine.

Add healthy toppings such as tomatoes, avocados, cucumber, carrots, red cabbage. Try sprinkling some pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, chia seeds, sesame seeds over your vegetables. Add a shake of nutritional yeast- which has a slightly salty taste and is super good for you, containing B vitamins, selenium, zinc and iron.

I like to grind some fresh black pepper and Himalayan salt over my salad, if I have any fresh herbs in the house, I will add them. I drizzle olive oil over everything and mix. Occasionally I will add black beans, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, or olives.

This is my lunch almost every day. I will blend a big green juice to go along with it then have a little treat of super dark chocolate as a dessert.  Later when I feel like I want to eat, I will have a spoon of almond butter and some goji berries.

I think all nutritional bases are covered and I am not hungry although salad is quite light. If I am extra hungry, I will cook a sweet potato and add coconut oil and cinnamon with raw honey.  Make good food choices with every meal!


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3 thoughts on “How To Build A Healthy Salad

  1. Hi! I’ve ALWAYS made my salads with TONS of fresh veggies. Learned it from my mom who was WAY AHEAD of her time! I’m now learning about other additions to salads and other foods, which you mention in your article. My comment is regarding the Chia seeds. I just saw a snip it report on the news from a woman who was showing various “healthy” foods and how to prepare them. She said CIA seeds need to be soaked before consuming as that is how you get your full nutrients best. I’ve also heard that Flax seed needs to be ground with a coffee grinder before consuming for the same reason. What’s your tale on this? Thanks! ~Pamela~

  2. I actually eat them unsoaked- when you soak them, they become coated with a gel. I have read to eat them raw. Probably either way is okay since the important thing is to consume them.

    I dont know anything about flax because that tends to bother my stomach!


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