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A very easy way to detox your beauty routine and replenish your products with Ava Anderson


So…I am totally not a salesperson. I have been pestered and spammed by so many people selling their various products from skincare to energy drinks to diet powders to home decor and I am not into it.

When a friend of mine mentioned selling Ava Anderson Non Toxic, my first thought was a firm”No.” But then I saw everything you received when you signed up to become a consultant and my hard No turned into a Maybe and then a Yes.

For signing up to become a consultant for $99, you get $250 worth of products and 30% off everything.

The deciding factor for me was that I really truly love the brand and their message. Ava Anderson was only 14 when she noticed all of the toxins in makeup and skincare. She threw out what she had and basically began her own company selling clean, green and pure products.

Before I signed up, of course I did a Skin Deep check. The products rate very low and are free of anything dangerous to our systems. When I received my kit (it comes in a nice travel bag), I gave my teen-aged daughter the skincare,  mascara and lip gloss.  I’m trying to teach her about taking care of her skin and what you put on the skin should be just as pure as what you put in the body.

I love that Ava Anderson offers baby care, pet products, bug spray and sun care plus cleaning products and more… ALL NON TOXIC. And they are also very gentle and ideal for those with allergies to fragrance and those with sensitive skin.

Everyday, I have been using the Eye Makeup remover pads, Sunscreen, Moisturizer plus Sunscreen, Eye Cream, and Blush. I gave the Hand Sanitizer to my daughter for school, its the most natural one you will find that truly works.

The point of this post is that if you are detoxing your beauty cabinet and want to buy a lot of products to get you started on your clean, green journey, signing up to become a consultant (even if you aren’t salesperson… like me) this is a great way to get over lots of products at once for $99.

To read more, sign up, order products or just look at what Ava Anderson offers, you can view my page here:






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  1. This looks great!! I am always looking for more ways to spread a natural living message that this may just be the way!
    Keep it sweet and stylish!

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