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Review: Marble & Milkweed



You know how you see a picture of a product and you just KNOW you are going to love  the entire line? That’s how I felt about Marble & Milkweed, a luxuriously and beautifully crafted line of skincare and botanical fragrance. 

Everything is made with attention to detail, the products smell so beautiful. It’s like Briar, the owner and mastermind behind the brand, took the best of nature and magically created luscious smelling tonics and serums that benefit the skin and the soul.

I tried several samples from the line and cannot pick a favorite. If I was forced to pick one item to take with me on a deserted island, I would choose the Perfume No. 1. I’m obsessed with this scent! Its a combination of  cardamom, nutmeg with jasmine grandiflorum, jasmine sambac  and a base of  vanilla, sandalwood, lapsang souchong, peru balsam. I can’t say I’ve ever had a fragrance with cardamom in it but WOW, is this ever amazing!

The word that comes to mind with Perfume No. 3 is comforting. It smells like a mix of spices from the kitchen but elevated to another level. This one is a blend of cardamom, pink pepper, himalayan cedarwood with rose, immortelle, beeswax and  opoponax, tonka, labdanum. Every time I put a dab on my wrist, I keep smelling myself which I know is weird but if you’ve ever loved a fragrance, you understand.

I have to also mention the Nourishing Body Oil which melts into the skin. The Spring Tonic Serum is crafted from organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond, and organic cold-pressed evening primrose oil as its base, its very nourishing.


The Rose and Chamomile Facial Scrub is a very unique product- it appears that you are cleansing your skin with freshly crushed berries. My skin looks rosy and pretty when I use this! Its made with organic rose petals, how neat is that?

You will want to bathe in the Rose and Chamomile Facial Tonic which has an intoxicating scent to it! Its made with Bulgarian rose & organic chamomile hydrosols which sounds just lovely doesn’t it? I’ve been using the Rosy Lip Tint even though traditionally I shy away from bolder colors. This one looks like you just ate a  beet, or maybe some berries. And I love it, which says a lot because typically I’m a nude lip girl.

The Cleansing Nectar is a great name for this as its truly a nectar! I’m almost tempted to taste it. Made with raw honey, this leaves skin clean and soft but not stripped.

I’m putting Marble & Milkweed way up there with my favorite natural skincare lines. When I discover products like these, I am especially grateful that Hello Dollface became a natural beauty blog because the natural, organic products that are out there can be tough to find but oh so rewarding and wonderful. And made from the heart. In this case, made from the heart in my favorite city- New York!

For more (and some very delicious sounding teas) please go here! And its well worth your time to go here and learn a little about Briar and her studio. I want to walk through my computer screen right into where she makes her creations!








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