My favorite non toxic mascaras- so far!



One of the most frequent questions I get is this one:

“What’s a good natural mascara?”

Its hard to find a great one! I want my mascara to do a lot- darken, volumize, lengthen my lashes and not smudge, clump or fade. There were many amazing mascaras I used to use before going natural. I feared that I’d have to live with a natural but watery formulas that didn’t work as well as my toxic drugstore products and mascaras from Sephora.

I never thought I’d find a mascara that rivaled my most favorites. Bu lo and behold, totally fabulous mascaras without chemicals/toxins DO exist!

Here are my top picks so far.

Zuzu Luxe mascara by Gabriel Cosmetics lived up to the hype. I had read great things about this one and it’s definitely one of the best!

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara was one of the only if not the only, organic mascara at Target! I like the big brush which gets every lash.

100% Pure Mascara is very natural looking but it scores points for darkening my lashes and very easy removal! Plus its as natural as you can get.

Lash Domination by Bare Minerals will give you enormous lashes! I’ve long been a fan of various Bare Escentuals products, they are mineral based and less toxic than many other brands.

Big Blink by Pur Minerals, another really good mineral brand that I like very much. This mascara is tops. Like Lash Domination, it gives lashes tons of drama and oomph!

I know there are more organic, natural mascaras that are just waiting for us to try them! What is your favorite?


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4 thoughts on “My favorite non toxic mascaras- so far!

  1. I have tried all of these too! My favorite has the be the 100% Pure in Black Tea! I add a few coats to get the drama that some of the others do a little easier. But I don’t mind having to use a few move coats. I am also a huge fan of Lush’s mascara!

  2. Thank you for posting this on your blog, recently I’ve been looking to go into a more natural non toxic mascara formula after they had discontinued the one I used for years. I had no idea before that many mascara so continued toxics that are bad for eyes and so close to the eyes too. Know I have a good start to look for mascaras again thanks to your blog. 🙂

  3. Thats great! Try W3LL People mascara or The Lash Project, two very good mascaras that I hadnt tried yet when I wrote that post!

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