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A Little Beauty Math: combine these for perfect skin


I rarely use just one product for foundation. It’s usually a bunch of different items. I feel like at this point I have it all down to a science. These are some of my favorite combinations. Its like math, you add something to something else and get a certain outcome. That’s about as mathematical as I will ever get.

Let me preface this feature by telling you that I use my Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage nearly every single day- its SPF 30,  is made with non-nano zinc oxide and is a great base for everything I mention below. You only need a little bit dabbed over your face and you’re set!




Here my most often used combo. I love Pur Correcting Primer. Love as in, I never want to live without it. As I’ve mentioned before, it totally smooths the complexion, adds just a hint of color. This plus Afterglow Eye Treatment will give you a very natural look and is ideal for people who don’t like looking like they are wearing foundation but need light coverage.



The Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage sets the scene for the Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus foundation. This is when I want more of a natural, dewy look. I feel as though dewy, glowy skin makes my wrinkles less noticeable. I use this combination when my skin is looking like it needs help, such as appearing sallow or pale.


Another Vapour Organic foundation, this one is in stick form. If I have pimples, I like this because it gives good coverage and makes red bumps less obvious. Also can be used around the eye area. The RMS UnCover Up is great for zits, dark circles, covering anything you don’t want people to notice when they look at you.  These two add up nicely together!


Last but not least, the big guns. I just love the DeVita Primer Corrective. This is a pale purple color and it literally glides on the skin. It preps the skin, making application of foundation a cinch!

Tarte, as I’ve mentioned, is a brand that I am on the fence about. They are more natural than many  brands yes, but they could be MORE natural and pure. They fall into the ‘natural’ category in Sephora and they have marketed themselves as being an eco-friendly brand.  I know many natural,organic beauty lovers who use Tarte.

I like their products especially the blush and mascara. If I am going to have a long day away from home, I use this- the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation. Its full coverage and does not need to be reapplied at all. If you know of an equally full coverage, long lasting, organic foundation please let me know!

What are your favorite  beauty combinations?

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