When I Tell You I’m Not Wearing Makeup, Here’s What I’m Really Wearing


Or, How To Look Like You Are Not Wearing Makeup.

Every week there are a couple of days when I’m just home, cleaning or writing. I have no need to get out of my pajamas until about eleven. Maybe all day. But for the sake of feeling like a slob, I take a shower, apply one of my delicious body oils (BodyTonic, Osmia, Skin & Bones, Lina Hanson, Amala) then shake a little Acure Organics Dry Shampoo into my locks and brush my hair into a ponytail.

Now comes the good stuff, the makeup! Since I don’t want to scare my children, or freak out at my reflection in the mirror, I feel its  best to dress up my face a little.

Here’s how I do it so that no one really knows I’m wearing makeup.

I start with a teeny bit of Marie Veronique face oil. Then I apply Pur Minerals Dark Spot Correcting Primer all over my face. This is super smooth and makes my skin feel like velvet.

My eyes have dark circles around them from sleeping with a small dog on my legs and trying to raise children. I’m never well rested. Hence, the circles. I pat some Afterglow Eye Treatment around my entire eye area, and I blend well.

On my cheeks, I want to look like I just ran a few miles which never happens. I want to look healthy and flushed. Its RMS Lip to Cheek on the apples of my cheeks for a glow.

On eyelashes, I dont want to go crazy, everyone knows when you’re wearing mascara. I only apply it to the very tips of my lashes, especially the outer lashes. I dont use any on the lower lashes because thats a dead giveaway and I want people to think I look good “without makeup.” Use Physicians Formula Organic mascara here.

Lips, I use the Just Neem lip balm which gives a little shine and hydrates my lips.

And there you go! It takes less than five minutes and my face looks very natural. You’d almost think I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all!


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