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Review: Treat your tresses to Bio Follicle’s vegan hair products


  By Caroline Leavitt

One hundred percent derived from plants, this cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner  is also free of harmful sulfates, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, dyes and petrochemicals. It’s beauty-boosted with Glycerin rice protein, lavender oil and more, and it smells amazing. But better than that, it really works.

The shampoo left my hair soft and shiny, and the conditioner gave my curls extra bounce and spring. Your hair and scalp feel infused with the goodness of botanicals, plus the formula is PH balanced and antioxidant-rich to revitalize your hair and the lavender is aroma-therapeutic. So even if you can’t yet go vegan in your food consumption, why not try these fabulous vegan shampoos and conditioners?

I’m a vegetarian bordering on vegan (I can’t give up cheese just yet!) and it was wonderful to find out that Bio Follicle now has Lavender vegan shampoo and conditioner. Note– while not containing any of the super harmful toxins, these products do contain some chemicals. As with everything else, take a look at the ingredients list here for the shampoo and here for the conditioner.  

The more natural a product is, the better I love it, plus what is a more magical scent than lavender?


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