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Here’s What Happens When You Start Going Natural


I’ve been a fashion magazine subscriber since I was a teenager. With every new magazine that  landed in the mailbox was the promise that just the right outfit or even better makeup would be introduced! That product would hold the promise of longer, fuller hair or clearer, smoother skin. My fuller, glossier lips would make me feel prettier. And pretty was good! And looking younger was even better.

Up until recently I would fold the corners of the magazine pages down so I could refer to the products that caught my eye then later, go buy them. I’d read and believe every claim new products bragged would cure me of everything from rogue pimples to fine lines to my frizzy hair.

Surely there was something out there that would make me beautiful!

I wouldn’t give up hope. Wrinkle creams and serums, creams to turn back the hands of time. Hair products that would smooth my frizz for up to three months! It was a never ending search for the best of the best. I wanted to find some magical potion to make me look like someone else and of course there was the holy grail that would do it. I just hadn’t found it yet.

Over the years I spent a small fortune at the drugstore, department stores, Sephora. I chased after any item that had miracle making potential.

When I decided to go natural and take my health very seriously, this happened-  I stopped reading  the ads in magazines. I skipped the articles about how to look better, younger. For some reason,these held zero appeal.

I wanted (and still want) to know how to be healthy and live clean. I want my hair to be shiny, I want my skin to breathe. I don’t want to be coated with cosmetics on the outside but ulgy and toxic on the inside.  I want to be the best version of myself but not due to a new synthetic product- rather because I’m eating really nutritious foods and using clean and organic makeup and skincare. A positive attitude and some peace and quiet help too.

The advertisements on tv and in the pages of magazines don’t have such a tight hold on me anymore.

There is surely something to be said about glowing with good health.

I get excited not so much  by a new collection of makeup by a cosmetics giant, but by finding interesting information and sharing it. Or discovering new makeup that is pure and not harmful. I love the idea of using Mother Earth as our pharmacy, cosmetics superstore and grocer. Before all of this natural stuff, I had no idea you could use coconut oil as a moisturizer, hair conditioner eye makeup remover, toothpaste,  or that baking soda was a great natural deodorant. I had a bottle of Lavender oil on a shelf, clueless that sprinkled on a warm cloth, it was both comforting and – a nice way to remove makeup.

When you decide to be natural and pursue organic/natural products, you begin to shift focus onto how you feel from the inside out, not the other way around. You look in the mirror and notice perhaps, your eyes look brighter and your skin is clear and smooth without makeup.

It feels good to be healthy.

You begin to focus on health, not so much beauty although that is a very nice benefit. You become an educated consumer, you feel smart when you can walk past the aisles of beauty products, personal care items and cosmetics and know that they are basically poisonous and you can do better for your health than to use them. You don’t fall prey to clever advertisements that brainwash you into thinking you *need* a new lipstick. When you see the words “All Natural” you know its marketing jargon used to appeal to the consumer who may not look past a label. You know how to read the ingredients and use a discerning eye.

Will you try to be more natural? Focus on your health and the beauty stuff will fall into place. By the way, you are  beautiful exactly how you are. 


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2 thoughts on “Here’s What Happens When You Start Going Natural

  1. I went all natural some time ago. Now I’m going on holiday and decided to go make-up free in three weeks. Lets see how it works!

  2. My daughter washes her face with a mixture of organic coconut oil, baking soda, and organic honey every night 🙂 Also, if you haven’t already, read up on all the amazing benefits of using (and consuming) organic apple cider vinegar. It’s amazing!!

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