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Are You Ready to Get Healthy?


Every January, instead of making a resolution I won’t be able to keep (Take up running! Wake up early! Make my own bread!) I just think about how I can take a step to be healthier. Over the years I’ve made up my mind and stuck with the following- do more yoga, juice as many times a week as I can, not eat (much) red meat,  decrease dairy, eat more greens (arugula is now a staple in my diet), no fried foods or sweets, and I’ve managed to keep it up although my guilty pleasure is a handful of french fries. I can easily turn away from a table full of sweet treats in favor of fresh fruit. Donuts, cookies, cake, fast food and soda are not in my diet. Greens, fruits, seeds, nuts and lemon water are now consumed daily. Ive trimmed my coffee consumption down but I really do enjoy a cup in the morning!



A few months ago I turned my beauty routine upside down when I decided to use only clean beauty products. Not 100% strictly all organic because that is not a realistic or budget friend option right now, but I wanted to make smarter and better choices.

Around this time I pulled a book off of my shelf called The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. I read through it quickly and recommended it to everyone who would listen. The information and ideas were totally in sync with how I want to eat and live.

Then I got a hold of the next book, Beauty Detox Foods. I love Kimberly’s concept of feeding your body super healthy, nutritious foods that heal, prevent disease, give you energy, rejuvenate the body and more.

This book gave me a new appreciation for nutrition and supplied me with lots of information about the fifty foods that will help you radiate good health and beauty. I keep Beauty Detox Foods very close so I can look at the recipes and incorporate them into my life. I love Kimberly’s concept of eating light to heavy, combining certain foods for proper digestion and eating foods for beauty,  health, energy.

Getting healthy and eating clean has a domino effect- you want to make better choices every day and once you see that you dont miss sugar and junk food, you start getting more and more serious about health.

My own journey has been a slow one but I’m getting to where I want to be. There are some really good health documentaries that helped me make up my mind to focus on good, health eating in addition to non-toxic beauty.

Here are some favorites:

SuperSize Me

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Food Matters

Food, Inc.

Forks Over Knives

Simple Steps To Better Health:

*decide to be serious and committed about your health and well-being. This isn’t a fad, its a way of living your life.

*increase consumption of plant based foods

*give up sugar and  processed foods

*walk! I find that walking everyday helps my entire body

*juice!  this is such an easy way to consume more greens. I like to add green apples and lemons to everything.

*drink lots of water, I add lemon to my water for flavor

*read everything you can on health and nutrition. Books like The Beauty Detox really focus on simple, clean eating. Anyone can do it.

*toss out your old beauty products, replace with non-toxic and natural personal care items

*replace your toxic household cleaning products with chemical free, natural products such as vinegar and baking soda

*have quiet time to meditate, breath deeply, enjoy some silence. This helps with stress which we all deal with!

What other ways do you incorporate good health into your day?

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