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Want seriously beautiful skin? Then you want the seriously beautiful skincare: Riiviva



 by Caroline Leavitt

Did you know that 40 years ago, the word exfoliation was unknown–except of course to Riiviva Skin care, which makes beautiful skin into a science. Riiviva puts the power of microdermabrasion into your two hands. 

First I tried the Cleanser, which is beauty boosted with Olive Leaf Extract, green Tea and Aloe Vera.Rich in antioxidants, it felt smooth and soothing and it gave me skin a real glow. Like anyone who has had a child (and some who haven’t!) I do have my share of stretch marks, so I slathered on the Moisturizing Cream for Stretch Marks with Active Peptides. You should use a good sunscreen with this, but I swear, I see improvement. I also tried the Serum with Vitamin C and Peptide Complex which was moisturizing and soothing.

I was about to not try the Keratosis Pilaris with AHA complex because I don’t have that condition, but then I read that it’s also really good for moisturizing skin, and guess what, it is!

The best way to revive your skin just might be with Riiviva.

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