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Easy ways to “green” your beauty cabinet!


I just finished cleaning out a ton of beauty products. When I made up my mind to only use natural cosmetics, hair and skincare, the one thing that made me nervous was throwing out my beloved makeup! How could I part with all of the drugstore, high- end and luxury products I had grown to love?

What made it easier was that in the last couple of weeks, I had found some truly remarkable natural products so there wasn’t a moment I was without. I had concealer, lipstick, blush, powder, mascara all ready to go. And I had already purchased some natural shampoo and conditioner plus jojoba oil for my hair. I was already using natural skincare from Annmarie Gianni and Made From Earth so that was covered.

TIP: Buy a few natural products ahead of time so you don’t go without! I bought RMS Uncover Up and the UnPowder. A couple of companies had sent me natural makeup to review and I liked it so much that swapping out my toxic foundation, mascara and blush were easy. I already had a couple of natural lipglosses.

When it came time to go through my cosmetics, I tossed out things that were old. If I couldn’t remember when I last used it or bought it, in the trash it went. I tend to keep my products well past their expiration dates.

TIP: Throw out all old cosmetics, hair products, nails polishes and don’t look back.

when to throw out makeup:

Mascara/ Every three months      Foundation /One year     Concealer/ 12-18 months     Powder/ 18 months     Blush/ 18 months

Cream blush/ 12-18 months     Eye shadow /18 months     Eyeliner/ 18 months      Liquid eyeliner /Six months   

Lipstick/lip gloss /18 months     Lip liner/ One year    Nail polish /One year

Once I tossed all the old products out, my pile was a lot smaller. Next, I threw out anything that contained a fragrance.

TIP: Fragrances can exacerbate allergies. Your best bet is to go without a scent in your products especially if you are sensitive. Toss anything that has a strong fragrance.

Then I looked at the labels. I’m a really good label reader now. Any products that contained a lot of chemicals  or contained parabens… yup it got tossed.

TIP: If your product contains parabens or any of the nasty chemicals I mentioned in my previous posts (check out the infographic I posted a few days ago) throw it away.

By now my pile to keep was much smaller and I had to get another garbage bag. I tackled my body lotions and creams next. If something was nearly all gone AND toxic, I threw it away without a second thought. If it was old (more than a year) I got rid of it.

TIP: anything with parabens was thrown out. Although products may contain small amounts of this chemical, I don’t want it in my body at all, in any amount. Look for DEA and Propylene Glycol, a skin irritant, which also goes by: 1,2-DIHYDROXYPROPANE; 1,2-PROPANEDIOL; 2-HYDROXYPROPANOL; METHYLETHYL GLYCOL; PROPANE-1,2-DIOL; 1,2-DIHYDROXYPROPANE; 1,2-PROPYLENE GLYCOL; 1,2-PROPYLENGLYKOL (GERMAN) ; ALPHA-PROPYLENEGLYCOL; DOWFROST; METHYLETHYLENE GLYCOL

Finally, I was done! What took the longest was going through all of my lipglosses and lipstick and I have to admit, that was super tough because I do love my lipglosses. I have a Juice Beauty lipstick and gloss that I love and for now, its what I am using (review coming soon).  I have several Burts Bees lip shimmers (thankfully very low on the Skin Deep database) and a sample of Vapour Organic Beauty gloss so I’m happy I have a few items until I can build up my lip product arsenal again!

Haircare products were easier to part with- many of my mousses had lost their ooomph and I had long ago tossed out anything with silicone, any products that dried out my already parched hair.

TIP: If you have fine, thin hair like I do, or if you hair is curly or wavy, say goodbye to your silicones. You want your hair care to deeply nourish not just coat the strands.

I have some natural fragrance oils that I like to use, but they are running out. Now I’m looking for natural perfumes.  Since a lot of colognes and perfumes score really high on the Skin Deep database, Im  happy to be rid of them.  Although parting with my CHANEL perfume was kind of hard for me. I used to wear Norell perfume, its hard to find and tracking it down is a process. I love the scent so much but every time I wear it, I get a headache. Guess what? No more Norell for me.

TIP: If you are bothered by strong scents, get headaches from perfume or it irritates your skin, get rid of it no matter how pricey it was! I also recommend looking at Skin Deep to see where your fragrance ranks.



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3 thoughts on “Easy ways to “green” your beauty cabinet!

  1. Hi Cindy! Loving your focus on natural beauty:) I’ve recently tried a few natural perfumes that I love! First, MCMC Fragrances (based in Brooklyn) — I love Phoenix. The bottles are so simple and pretty. Also, you’ll see a lot of natural perfumes are oil-based. La Bella Figura (based in Chicago) created some of the most unique scents ever. Really cool notes and all inspired by cities. I like Paris!

  2. Thanks so much Laurie! Id love to try those natural perfumes. Finding natural scents, hairspray and nail polish is quite a challenge!

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