Citrus Clear, non toxic skincare for smooth, clear skin


Have you  heard of Citrus Clear? This fabulous skincare line features naturally based, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. Yay! I’m always happy to test natural products and share them with my readers.

Occasionally I get a pimple and when I do, I usually panic. Lately however, its the Grapefruit Acne Spot treatment that I reach for. It contains salicylic acid (naturally derived from the Willow Bark Tree) plus 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and vitamin C! You can dab this on throughout the day and it didnt dry out my skin but treated the pimple(s).


I really like using the Tangerine Tingle which is a gentle scrub or can be used as a face  mask. It removes dead cells, cleans skin and leaves it softer and brighter. It features glycolic acid plus lemon oil. The Sensitive Moisturizer is for those of you who have skin that needs to be treated with kindness and gentleness! A blend of soothing botanicals, citrus ingredients, and powerful vitamins make up this moisturizer. Thanks to a light consistency, this can be worn under makeup!

There is a lot of information of the website which you can view by going here.

The Gentle Cleanser is called Natural Tahitian Lime and smells like a cocktail you’d sip on the beach! This blend of citrus ingredients cleanses skin but doesn’t strip the natural moisture. I apply this to a warm cloth and gently  buff my skin to thoroughly clean it.

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