CindyReads: The Honest Life by Jessica Alba


I have been reading this book since I got it a few weeks ago. I like to sit and page through it, reading different parts  when the mood strikes. As I’ve been trying to be healthier in all the choices I make, the timing of Jessica Alba’s lovely book couldn’t have been better.

When Jessica became a mother, she wanted to surround her new baby with only the very best- healthy and non toxic products. Like all new moms, she didn’t want her precious new baby coming in contact with anything that could cause allergies due to fragrance, chemicals etc. Unfortunately she found many common household items contained toxins and chemicals that are bad for our bodies, especially infants. This was the inspiration for Jessica to form The Honest Company where the products are toxin free and natural. (I’ve tried a few of the products and really liked them!)

In her book, Jessica describes everything from eating healthy to eco-beauty (my favorite part of the book) and her clothing style (this isn’t so much about being eco-friendly as it is about her own style) to furnishing her home with lead free paint, eco friendly furniture and safe carpet. I keep flipping to the beauty section so I can learn about the non toxic beauty products Jessica likes and uses. There’s a big index in the back of the book where she lists various companies that are natural/chemical free.

I think many people live their lives completely  unaware of how bad chemicals are for our bodies, whether its using cosmetics with parabens or clothing coated with chemicals or the toxic cleansers used to clean your home (I’m guilty on all fronts!). This book definitely informs you of everything you need to be aware of and inspires you to make better, healthier choices.

The pages are filled with gorgeous photos, tips, lists and down to earth advice from  Jessica. I think the book is very beautifully done and I enjoyed reading it. This is definitely a great place to start if you are beginning your own journey to going green!


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