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Lucky FABB 2013: what I wore and what everyone else wore

This was my first time attending the LuckyFABB event. If you don’t know what it is, Lucky FABB is a conference where fashion and beauty bloggers get together and network, hob nob, sit in on conferences with speakers, and check out each other’s clothes and shoes. This conference is very good if you are a blogger just starting out and need inspiration or valuable info which the panelists will provide. We heard from Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, Betsey Johnson, and various popular bloggers with savvy to share.

The take away from this for me was – stay true to your voice, don’t be afraid to be different, give good information. There were also some ideas on how to  monetize your blog. I feel that a lot of the information was centered around fashion bloggers but some of the words of wisdom can be applied to both fashion and beauty.

If you get the chance to go- go. For me, I’m pretty shy (more on this in my next post) and have trouble just introducing myself to people so I was not able to do a lot of networking. But I was able to people watch and what’s more fun than that?

Now onto what this post is about- the clothes, the shoes, the hair of the women who attended!




I wore what I thought was a decent outfit (it turns out,  it really wasn’t)- a nice cream sweater, skinny jeans, moderate heels. Everything was name brand designer including my tote which  began to peel by the end of the two days (Tory Burch!). My hair, which started out smooth at home, ended up looking like blonde cotton candy on my head by time we arrived at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and I yanked it back into a ponytail then worried about how it looked for the rest of the day. 

On  the second day, I went for slightly flared jeans, a tee shirt and a sweater that reminded me of CHANEL but was from Marshall’s for $14.99. I wore my new flats (because heels make my lower  back ache because I’m old) and a plain white shirt. Because my blog falls under the beauty blog category and I’m a beauty product junkie hoarder, I seriously brought two large bags full of beauty and hair products. My hair ended up in another ponytail. I thought I looked okay. I thought wrong.  Here’s what everyone else wore:



I’d say the majority of them wore short, short skirts or dresses, very high heels (which I photographed and you can see on twitter- I’m @HiDollface and look for the hashtag #luckyFabb),  lots of stylish arm candy, expensive purses, and  they had beautifully blown out straight hair with that fancy little beach wave.

If you plan on going to LuckyFABB in the future, I recommend that you put aside all thoughts of being comfortable (which begins to be a priority after you’ve had kids or after you’ve turned 32) and heed the following:

*Wear the highest stilettos you can find, bonus if they are designer. Suffer through the pain! Its worth it, other girls are checking you out!

*Carry around a purse that either boasts the logo of CHANEL, YSL, Prada,or  Gucci. No knock-offs, people can tell.

*Get yourself to a salon and do something about your hair. The longer, straighter, the better. Don’t forget the loose curls. Or an elaborate braid.

*Eyelash extensions, duh!

*Wear something short. Or skinny jeans but of course, pair with heels. Even better, wear leather pants.

*You really should wear the cutest, most stylish top you can find! Peplum is good for this season.

*Perfect the over the shoulder hair flip AND practice the art of subtly giving people the once over, head to toe.


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4 thoughts on “Lucky FABB 2013: what I wore and what everyone else wore

  1. So when you said, “The take away from this for me was – stay true to your voice, don’t be afraid to be different, give good information.” it only applies to one’s blog, not one’s attire or presence? 😉

    I can understand that you might have felt out of place (I often do) but I would not go out and buy a bunch of overpriced items just to fit in. I’m not being snarky or picking on you, just an observation. It seems like everyone was there to dress to impress.

  2. The funny thing was I was watching the girls valet their
    cars and so many gorgeous, beautifully dressed young women got out of total clunkers! Driving a 1998
    Toyota but carrying a CHANEL bag. It made me smile.

  3. Oh, I am one of those ppl who is so afraid to be out of place, to be different. I guess must learn to be more confident sometime.

  4. Can’t make out if this was more of a fashion show when you say that other people are checking you out or was it a serious cnference about blogging? – maybe a bit of both. Glad you had a great time!

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