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I can’t stop! This is my latest obsession



Ever since having kids, I have suffered from lower back pain which comes and goes depending on my stress level. When I have the pain, its terrible, making me lose concentration because I am living with this tremendous  back pain that makes everything I do so uncomfortable. Occasionally I will experience upper back pain too and if you’ve had any back pain at all, you know how debilitating it can be.

Long ago, I started doing yoga almost daily to help with this back pain. I found that deep stretching and bending really helped me. Recently I discovered this foam roller. I thought about  buying it for a while then braved WalMart to pick one up. I paid about twenty dollars for it and its well worth the price, probably the best twenty bucks I’ve spent recently!

I cannot stop rolling around on this thing. When I lay on it, my back starts to crack and I can feel each vertabrae “popping” into place.  There are tons of exercises you can look up online depending where you have pain or tension in your body.

Its been used in physical therapy for years and now people are reaping the benefits at home. Foam rollers: increase circulation, lengthen muscles, relieve pressure/pain, help de-stress like a mini massage and there are exercises you can do with these to help with strength and flexibility.

Will you  be trying this?

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