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Let’s get beautiful, naturally!


If you follow me at all on Facebook, you know that I am a big fan of juicing. I do it as much as possible which, during my busy weeks, is about four or fives times a week. It also depends on what I have on hand to juice. Usually I am at Trader Joes every week picking up bags of kale, spinach and I always keep green apples in a bowl, as well as lemons! If you haven’t tried juicing, I definitely want to encourage you to start.  There are lots of health benefits to juicing and its a great way to quickly consume lots of nutrients.

I recently found these awesome juice recipes thanks to Omega Juicers (I use a Breville).

Very Berry Blast / Ingredients:

1 cup raspberries / 1 cup of blueberries / 1 cup of strawberries / 1 green apple / 1 orange (peeled with most of the white rind still on) Press through a juicer, stir to mix the flavors, serve, and enjoy!
Carrot Strawberry Tomato Juice /  Ingredients:

3-4 medium sized carrots/ 2 ripe tomatoes/ 1 cup of strawberries  Press through a juicer, stir to mix the flavors, serve, and enjoy!
  Omega’s Green Mixer /  Ingredients:

½ cup of broccoli / 1 carrot / 1 green apple / ½ cup of spinach / 1 kiwi / ½ inch of fresh ginger / ½ lemon (peeled with most of the white rind still on) Press through a juicer, stir to mix the flavors, serve, and enjoy!

Another way to get nutrients into your system is Vitamins! If you are in the market for healthy hair, skin and nails, try these called NOURISH. These vitamins are packed with nutrients for your hair  with “Vitamin B-12, Niacin, Biotin and over 14 proteins, minerals and nutrients clinically proven to improve hair growth, strength, shine and thickness!”  Here is your answer to fine, thinning hair!

If you want to gulp down your nutrients quickly in one tiny bottle, then try the Youth H20 Age Defying System. Here is the 411: “Comprised of 100% natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, youthH2O is a 2oz shot that delivers ongoing results for the body and not a short-term fix like other products. It¹s also the ONLY Super Food in the US that is approved by the FDA.”  Its made up of  vitamin C, vitamins B12, B6, Niacin, Folic Acid, natural antioxidants and 0g fat with only 19 calories, you can drink it up in three big sips and you’re done for the day! I like this for a boost of natural energy around lunch time. Go here to read about YouthH20!

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4 thoughts on “Let’s get beautiful, naturally!

  1. Wow, I must say the Youth H20 sounds almost too good to be true. I love the ongoing benefits (longer term) than other products. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I also love making juices and shakes for my breakfast. I feel a lot fresher and my body feels good after drinking a glass of my favorite fruits and greens. My favorite ingredient is spinach because of all the great nutrients it has. Juicing is very healthy and just simple to do.

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