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Have a spa weekend with Aveeno


As you  might know, Aveeno is one of my favorites because the products are consistently good, they use natural ingredients, and most of all the products work!  I use their sunscreen every single day and their body moisturizers give skin a surge of hydration plus they smell amazing. Aveeno is also easy to find (online, CVS, WalMart, Target etc) and they are affordable with products under $12.  My friends with sensitive skin always rave about the Aveeno lotions so if you have skin that is easily irritated, give this brand a whirl.

I am an Aveeno ambassador again this year and I am thrilled to continue working with the brand! I recieved some of the product launches recently and want to share them with you. Light a candle, make some tea and have a virtual spa party with me as we take a look at the products.

Aveeno Skin Relief Healing Ointment is for irritated, dry skin- think hands, elbows and feet. This contains Aveeno’s special Triple Oat Complex and can be used on chapped skin and lips, cuts, wounds and scrapes- keep it in your purse or car for frequent applications! Whenever Im driving is when I notice my poor dry hands!

 One of my faves, the Protect & Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen which contains an spf 70. Not only does it protect against the sun but it adds moisture. When I lived in Hawaii, many years ago, I used sunscreen everyday and wished for a product like this. I would apply a liberal dose of lotion, then sunscreen over it and I’d think “I wish someone would make a lotion with Spf!” now, fifteen years later, here we are!

The Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream contains Vitamin B and helps with skin tone, texture, dullness, blotchy skin, brown spots- basically all skin woes are taken care of with this.  Not only do I use it on my face but on my hands, neck and chest. I was super excited to try the Clear Complexion BB Cream spf 30. This product evens out skintone and utilizes the Total Soy Complex which uses soybeans and their natural benefits. This cream is very lotion-like in consistency and gives skin a hint of color. My skin looks brighter and smoother after I apply this. I love that it won’t cause pimples or clog pores.

The Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner is just what’s needed after a long winter. There is a Shampoo, a Conditioner and a two-in-one Shampoo + Conditioner. These nourish both hair and scalp with the Nourishing Oat Complex and it smells really good!

This little book, Girls Night In, is so adorable and perfect for a spa day or night. It has cute little illustrations and fun ideas for things like making your own oils, massages, recipes, manicures. This book is a great little gift along with a few candles, for a friend in need of a little pampering.

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